This document provides instructions for Acrobat XI. If you're using Acrobat DC, see Acrobat DC Help.

Create PDF Portfolios (Acrobat Pro)

It’s easy to create a PDF Portfolio, choose a layout, and add files. You can create folders within your PDF Portfolio, delete component files and folders, edit component filenames, and add and edit descriptions of component files..

Additional resources

For videos and tutorials on creating PDF Portfolios, see these resources:

Create a PDF Portfolio

Create a basic PDF Portfolio in a few quick steps.

  1. Start Acrobat and do one of the following:

    • In the Welcome Screen, click Create PDF Portfolio.

    • Click the Create button in the upper-left corner of the toolbar, and choose PDF Portfolio from the menu.

    • Choose File > Create > PDF Portfolio.

  2. Choose a layout from the left side of the wizard.

    The list of layouts includes the predefined layouts that ship with Acrobat, and up to two custom layouts you have imported. If you imported more than two, only the two most recently imported custom layouts appear.


    To add a custom layout that you have loaded on your computer, click Import Custom Layout and open the file. Layouts have a .nav filename extension.

  3. Click the Add Files button and select the content to add to the PDF Portfolio. You can select one or more files.

  4. Click Finish to add the files and save the PDF Portfolio.


In Windows, the Acrobat PDFMaker in Outlook and Lotus Notes can create PDF Portfolios when you convert email messages.

Add files and folders to a PDF Portfolio

You can add content to an existing PDF Portfolio.

  1. From an open PDF Portfolio, go to Edit mode and do any of the following:

    • Click the Add Content panel, and then click Add Files or Add Folder to add individual files or a folder of files.

    • To create a folder, click the Add Content panel, and then click Create Folder.

    • To add files from your computer, drag any files or folders into the PDF Portfolio workspace or onto a folder.

    • To move files to a different folder, drag them.


    For best performance, keep the total number of component files at 15 or less, and the total size of all component files under 50 MB.

Add web content to a PDF Portfolio

You can link to websites or embed video tags. Linking to web content is useful when you want to reduce the file size of the PDF Portfolio.

  1. Click the Add Content panel in the Layout pane and select an option for adding content.

  2. Select Add Web Content.

  3. Enter a filename and description for the web content that gets added to your PDF Portfolio. This web file links to the web content you specify.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To link to a website, select Add A Web Link, and then add the URL.

    • To embed a video tag, select Add An Embed Tag, and then paste the video’s embed code. Video-sharing websites usually include a way to copy a video’s embed code. For example, a website could include an Embed box that shows the code and other embedding options.

Convert multimedia files in a PDF Portfolio (Acrobat Pro)

You can convert the following component multimedia files to PDF within a PDF Portfolio: FLV files, SWF files, F4V, mp3. You can also convert these files to PDF if they are encoded in H.264 (with AAC audio): MOV, M4V, MP4, 3GP, and 3G2. (H.264 and AAC are encoding and compression options for movies.)


To convert AVI or WMV files to PDF, or other multimedia file types to FLV format, use the Adobe Media Encoder. This application is available in the Acrobat X Suite or Creative Suite.

  1. In Edit mode, right-click/Control-click one or more multimedia files in the PDF Portfolio and select Convert To PDF.
  2. If a dialog box appears, specify the options as needed and click OK.

Remove files and folders from a PDF Portfolio

If you delete a folder, all of the files within it are deleted from the PDF Portfolio.

  1. In Edit mode, select one or more files or folders in the PDF Portfolio and press Delete. Or click the Delete File icon on the card, if available.

Customize a PDF Portfolio (Acrobat Pro)

In Edit mode, you can customize the layout, theme, and color scheme. You can also customize the Details view with columns that you choose or create yourself.

Change the PDF Portfolio layout

PDF Portfolio layout options enable you to present content in a layout that best fits your needs. For example, the Click-Through layout allows readers to flip through files in the PDF Portfolio one at a time. In all layouts, each file appears on a card with an image (if available) and information about the document, such as the filename.

You can also create your own custom layouts, which can require some developer skills.

  1. In Edit mode, do any of the following:

    • To select a layout, click Portfolio Layouts in the Layout pane, and select one from the list.

    • To use a custom layout, click Import Custom Layout. Navigate to the custom layout on your computer and open it. Layout files have a .nav extension. The layout appears in the Portfolio Layouts list where you can select it. Imported layouts are permanently added to the Custom Layouts section of the Portfolio Layouts panel.

    • To delete a custom layout, click the X next to the layout name.

Change the visual appearance

Themes, colors, and background images add visual interest and cohesiveness to a PDF Portfolio. Use Edit mode to change visual elements.

  • To select a theme, click Visual Themes in the Layout pane, and select one from the list.

  • To use a custom theme, click Import Custom Theme. Navigate to the custom theme on your computer and open it. The theme is immediately applied to your PDF Portfolio and appears in the Visual Themes list as “Custom.” Unlike custom layouts, custom themes apply only to the current PDF Portfolio and are not permanently added to the Visual Themes panel. Themes are created in Adobe Flash Professional or Adobe Flash Builder and have a .swf extension.

  • To change the colors in a visual theme, click Color Palettes in the Layout pane and choose a different palette.

  • To create a custom color palette, in the Color Palettes panel, click Create From Existing and specify the colors.

  • To change the properties of a background color, first select a color palette, and then click Background. Specify background color properties as desired.

  • To add an image as the background, click Background in the Layout pane. In the Background Image area, select an image from the list or click Choose New to add an image from your computer. Specify image properties as desired.

Add a header

The header appears at the top of the layout, and can contain important information like a logo, company name, and contact information. The header can include text, images, or both, and can be arranged in various ways.

  1. In Edit mode, click the empty band at the top of the edit window. The Header Properties panel appears near the bottom of the Layout pane.

    Header Properties
    Empty header area in a <span class="uicontrol">PDF Portfolio</span>

  2. Select a template from the list in Header Properties.

  3. In the header area, click in the boxes to add content. To add text, double-click to show the insertion point.

  4. In the Text and Image Properties panels, specify size, background color, font, and other properties.

Additional resources

For videos on customizing a PDF Portfolio, see the following resources:

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