This document contains known issues for Acrobat DC not covered in the Acrobat and Reader documentation. Adobe identified the following issues at the time Acrobat DC was released. Separate help documents or release notes cover issues that arose since the release. If an update fixes an issue, the version number is noted. Bugs associated with an issue in this document appear in brackets [ ].

The known issues related to macOS Mojave 10.15 are covered in Acrobat and macOS Mojave 10.15 compatibility.



  • Problem: Acrobat DC does not launch if an offline uninstall and reinstall is performed using same Serial Number. [3943212]
    Workaround: Bring the machine online. On the Sign-In screen, choose to sign in now. Acrobat will launch successfully.



  • Problem: The Redo operation does not work if the tag changes are made using TURO after performing any operation in the Content Panel [4270605]



  • Problem: There is no option to disable smoothening for pen annotations on touch devices.[4285054]
  • Problem: The "Copy Text" option in the right-click context menu over annotations copies junk characters when tried in Japanese text PDFs on English OS and English Acrobat application. [4237157]
    (Workaround: Use the "Enable text selection" from the right-click context menu, select the text and then copy it.)
  • Problem: The scroll bar in the Comments list does not work with more than 82 replies. [3830427]
  • Problem: Comments App closes automatically on using Import Comments option from Comments list. [3941238]
  • Problem: Text in Text comment gets truncated when font size is large. [4147785]
  • Problem: Added Reply to comment which already has any replies is lost while navigating in the comment list. [4146731]
  • Problem: [Regression] While typing a reply to a comment in Acro Pro (Mac), the first letter of the word becomes the last letter. [4145152]



  • Problem: Mac OS only: Reader DC: Browser/Mac Browser(Safari)> (...) is displayed instead of Tab names for Document Properties dialog box and for "How would you like to email this document dialog." [3915408]
  • Problem: OS X 10.9: HUD (floating toolbar) does not move around until mouse up/release. [3597679]
    Workaround: Release the mouse to move the HUD.
  • Problem: (Mac Safari 8) - Cannot select text in PDF form field until mouse up/released. [3949736]
    Workaround: Release the mouse to select text.
    Text selection with mouse works as expected in the Search, Find fields.
  • Problem: (Mac Safari): Scrolling page problem using the wheel of the mouse. [3678253]
  • Problem: IE only: PDF takes about 2 to 5 minutes to load when switch the default from R11.0.07 to A DC/ R DC to A DC. [3795778]
    Workaround: Switch default app to Reader.
  • Problem: Notification view pane is not moving with reader when user displaces reader window. [3849464]



  • Problem: [CoEx-Remove DC] PDFMaker component removed after uninstalling Acrobat DC. [4014579]



  • Problem: Get a Link Spinner rotates infinitely on the transition from online to offline mode. [4285918]
  • Problem: Error occurs if we 'Publish Comments" or 'Check for New Comments" in SharePoint based shared review on Win 10. [4262085]
  • Problem: Support for deletion of the main comment with replies. [4251092]
  • Problem: Open a review file and load any of the available apps, Acrobat does not exit from the loaded app even if we press ESC. [4262934]
  • Problem: Avatar missing when the review file is opened in offline mode. [4251345]
  • Problem: Status for review tab not updated until switching tabs. [4258156]
  • Problem: Order of edited replies not maintained sometimes. [4260334, 4254815]
  • Problem: Collapsed comment app not expanding on selecting a sticky on the document side. [4260334]
  • Problem: Mention filter list not updated on editing a comment with new comments. [4259305]
  • Problem: Authors of existing comments treated as a guest in the comments list but not in the Context board/panel. [4257911]
  • Problem: In review files, the main comment cannot be deleted if it has a reply/replies. [4251092]
  • Problem: Windows (INTERMITTENT): 'Publish Comments' button in DMB is active even when no comments are present to be published. [3775104]
  • Problem: Mac (Network Shared Review): Not able to connect to review server if already signed-in to the server through Finder



  • Problem: Performance of scrolling and loading of the Compare annotations in the Compare RHP appears to be slow when diff count >=1000. [4257018]


Edit Page Content

  • Problem: [MAC] Acrobat crashes if we try to add header,footer, watermark and bates numbering from RHP. [4286364]
  • Problem: [Intermittent] Acrobat crashes when users click the "Create a bulleted list" option in the right pane under the Edit PDF tool. [4280560]
  • Problem: Arabic text is corrupted when you start editing existing text in Traditional Arabic. [3230928]
  • Problem: Find does not work when virtual bounding boxes are visible. [3912950]



  • Problem: Context menu options are missing if Acrobat is uninstalled and reinstalled (when ContextMenuShim.dll is loaded by Explorer.exe) without restarting the machine. [3951563]


Fill and Sign

  • Problem: Not able to scroll in a touch device via flick or scroll action. [4241832]
  • Problem: Touch Device: Auto-Scrolling doesn't happen if more than two pages, signature/initials gets placed before that. [4011470]
  • Problem: Reader/Acrobat DC doesn't prompt to save when closing the PDF after adding FSS annots (including signatures), if you close the file quickly post adding FSS fields. [3954060]
  • Problem: Signature/initials creation dialog takes ~5-6 seconds to appear for signed-in users. [4055402]


  • Problem: Converting Visio file to PDF through context menu option throws error “Missing PDFMakers files. Do you want to run the installer in repair mode?” [3848706]
  • Problem: Mac: Acrobat 11 does not get installed when trying to deploy a CCP Package containing both Acrobat 11 and DC. [3942363]
  • Problem: When installing Acrobat an error dialog "Source file not found" is displayed when the installer file is extracted to a path containing local characters. [3944357]
  • Problem: (Citrix): Error while initiating a Shared Review on a PDF located at client machine's drive.[3945035]
  • Problem: Acrobat installation fails with minimum system requirements error dialog on Win7. [3954229]



  • Problem: In case of remote login notifications gets blocked. [4257567]
  • Problem: Push notifications are not received from Windows Notification Service when a machine is on a virtual private network. [4259268]
  • Problem: Opening OS toast notification for Sign notifications, when Acrobat is not running, may cause failure in opening the agreement. A user needs to open the agreement from Bell notifications or ToDo cards. [4261080]



  • Problem: [Mojave 10.14] Creation of PDF from Portfolio is not showing grant access dialog. [4258939]
  • Problem: "Edit Value" option is not present for edit "Name" and "Description" field under portfolio Files in Layout View. [3936110]
  • Problem: "Undo" and "Redo" menus are disabled while creating a portfolio. [3935194]
  • Problem: REGRESSION: Search dialog in the Portfolio is not resizable. [3942595]
    Workaround: Scroll the search hit dialog to view search hits.
  • Problem: ACCESSIBILITY: Text in the preview pane disappears in high contrast theme for non-PDF files. [3943905]
    Workaround: Open the file in the native viewer.
  • Problem: REGRESSION: Can't rename folders in a portfolio. [3944795]



  • Problem: Create profile summary takes too long to execute (approximately 10-30 secs). [4285413]



  • Problem: [macOS 10.14] Save As Adobe PDF throwing an error to enable third-party action. [4255082]
  • Problem: Windows 8 only: Print to a non-PostScript printer from Acrobat Reader DC, some corporate font text is missing. [3866059]
  • Problem: For some files, Acrobat Reader DC prints slowly with PCL6 drivers. [4231904]



  • Problem: Fails to show old S&T files in the recent list even after a user accesses them from Views tab. [4259488]



  • Problem: Unusually fast scroll pace observed on a document with pages of different sized when scrolled using touchpad. [4192009]



  • Problem: REGRESSION: Reader/Acrobat: With Protected View ON: Out of memory message prompts when open a particular PDF file.[3929632]
  • Problem: Acrobat crashes on opening the encrypted attachments in the POCs with PV enabled for all files. [3953223]
  • Problem: Access Denied error when trying to open PDF file from symbolic link via UNC path. [3844582]



  • Problem: Regression: Enhance is not working on adjusting enhancement levels using mouse scroll.[3946845]
  • Problem: Mac: Scanning fails on applying manual changes in ICA window while scanning the document. [3837850]
  • Problem: [Mac] The files in combine tool are lost and an error dialog is shown if you use the Combine app multiple times and add files from a scanner. [4141269]



  • Problem: [Mac] The Acrobat Pro plug-in VerifyURLs.acroplugin available in Acrobat DC SDK is not compatible with Acrobat DC [4220775]


Search / Find

  • Problem: Advanced search is very slow on a document opened from the cloud. [3955306]
  • Problem: New Smart Find functionalities do not work in Safari browser (Version 11.1.1). [4274231]
  • Problem: Autocomplete suggestions do not appear if the document is made dirty, followed by invoking the Find dialog. [4273499]
  • Problem: Find Tool is not accessible by VoiceOver. [4268019]



  • Problem: Issuer's User notice is missing and Show Issuer's policy button is disabled for Legal Notice tab in Certificate Viewer [4076640]
  • Problem: Encryption with Elliptic Curve certificate creates wrong CMS. [4121253]
  • Problem: [EPV] Crash on signing with smart card on Windows version 1809. [4286080]


Send Mail

  • Problem: Not able to use Outlook's other windows while outlook Draft message window is active (launched through Send File as attachment).[3829341]


Services Integration

  • Problem: [Enterprise Users Only: Reader Only] The Edit PDF/Organize PDF options are shown in Context board of Document Cloud & web connectors but are not functional. These options should not be shown. [4260908]
  • Problem: When compatibility mode is On, sign-in is not remembered in Reader. [ADC-4210671]
  • Problem: Blank thumbnail comes momentarily for third-party web connector files in Send for Signature workflow. [ADC-4229881]
  • Problem: (Browser) Notification view pane is not sticky in Reader when user displaces reader window. [3849464]
  • Problem: Unexpected behavior is observed when a user signs-up in OneDrive Personal via Acrobat/Reader. [4147365]



  • Problem: Incorrect participant status is shown in For Signature tab if one of the participants is the sender in Adobe Sign workflow. [4254101]
  • Problem: Localisation - Activity list is shown in English instead of app locale. [4241577]


Social Sign In

  • Problem: Facebook login Page is not getting open when Social Sign In workflow is initiated in Citrix XenDesktop environment if IE is the default browser and EPM setting is enabled. [4107857]



  • Problem: Soft Keyboard does not show up in Touch Mode for Reader due to Protected Mode. [3658725]
  • Problem: Soft Keyboard is dismissed after selecting the character from character palette in Find or Advance Search field on Windows 7. [3658729]


Unified Search

  • Problem: Couldn't navigate to parent container once "Viewing parcel" is opened in search results. [4259830]
  • Problem: [Surface Pro device] Not able to hold and drag scroll bar by a finger on search results view. [4258965]

Unified Share

  • Problem: In Reader sandbox mode, a warning dialog appears when a user tries to send a file as an attachment via Gmail for the first time. [4259385]
  • Problem: "Uploaded to Send & Track" folder is getting created for new users on using Share. [4259041]

User Interface

  • Problem: The following IPM Feature lock down registries do not disable the UI option in the application [4005004]:
    1) Setting bDontShowMsgWhenViewingDoc to either 0 or 1 does not disable “Preferences > General > Don't show messages while viewing a document.”
    2) Setting bShowMsgAtLaunch to either 0 or 1  does not disable “Preferences > General > Show me messages when I launch Reader (or Acrobat).”
  • Problem: Mac: Not able to drag-and-drop PDF to anywhere within Acrobat to open the PDF.[3949579]
    Workaround: File > Open or drag PDF onto the Acrobat/Reader icon.
  • Problem: Apps open in with Document as Focus. [3916088]
  • Problem: Browser: Toolbars are displayed in the Full-Screen mode in IE; PDF does not display in full screen. [3841401]
  • Problem: Custom tools: Print Pages command fails to open Print dialog. [3950298]
    Workaround: Use the Organize Pages tool instead of a customized tool.
  • Problem: [Mac] User cannot scroll horizontally with Track-pad. [4220679]



  • Problem: [Unified Search] Cloud icon overlaps with starred file icon intermittently. [4283567]
  • Problem: Dark theme: Title bar color doesn't get updated to dark gray on Acrobat launch; gets updated once focus is moved out or window resized. [4284882]
  • Problem: Dual Monitor setup: [Merged Title-Menu Bar] PDF content area doesn't scale well on moving from primary to secondary monitor with high scaling. [4283252]
  • Problem: Organize Pages App is not searched in Reader unless a user clicks on it once. [4274818]
  • Problem: In case of non-pdf files and/or multi-parcel files, and if you have file index more than 50 in 'For Viewing' tab, Track documents may not work well. [4263930]
  • Problem: Adobe Sign is not listed in search results when you search with the search string "Adobe Sign". [4259652]
  • Problem: [Mac OS-10.13] Dialog momentarily renders black for 2-3 seconds. [ADC-4220296]
  • Problem: Windows preview locks the PDF for saving in Reader/Acrobat. [3942525]
  • Problem: Apps open with Document as Focus. [3858869]
  • Problem: Dialogs such as Print, Preference, Header, and Footer are not scaled dynamically on changing the scaling factor. These dialogs are scaled on their relaunch. [4221215]
  • Problem: Form field properties dialog does not scale dynamically on changing the scaling factor. This dialog is scaled on relaunching Acrobat/Reader. [4220148]
  • Problem: Scrollbars getting blackened and sliders are missing on scaling down in Internet Explorer. [4221123]



  • Problem: Acrobat/Reader crashed observed on enabling 3D content for multiple PDFs opened in same Acrobat session. [4279137]
  • Problem: [MAC 10.14 ] Error "The PDF cannot be viewed in Acrobat or Reader, and the application will now exit" while playing 3D movies. [4284125]


Web Capture

  • Problem: [Win10][IE]: Append/Add to existing PDF is randomly failing in EPM. [4097146]
  • Problem: [macOS 10.14] FF Web Capture doesn't work if a user has selected "Don't Allow" in permissions dialog. [4254844]
  • Problem: Acrobat extension not working for PDF opened in Firefox browser (Open in Acrobat). [4249354]


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