Tell a consistent brand story using Motion Graphics templates and Libraries.

An image of title, lower-third, and call-to-action motion graphics with the same visual language

Create a motion graphics package

Whenever you need to create more than one graphic element for a video sequence, you’ll create what’s called a graphics package. A graphics package gives your video a cohesive look across all its elements. 

What design elements constitute a graphics package

  • A cohesive color palette
  • A consistent font or font family
  • Similar animation techniques used across multiple elements
  • Common textures used across multiple elements

Color palettes

Use the Adobe Color Themes extension to create your own palette using different color rules, or browse palettes other designers have created. Save palettes you like to Creative Cloud Libraries, and they’re automatically synced across devices. So you can access your custom palettes anywhere you sign in to your Creative Cloud account.

Choosing a font

You can browse many different fonts and font families using the Adobe Fonts links in the Creative Cloud desktop application. Once you find fonts you like, you can activate them for use in any Adobe application. 

Get things ready for design

After you choose fonts and color palettes, design and animate the graphics you need. Once you’ve designed all the elements, you’re ready to package them up for use in Premiere Pro. 

Two images. Left: a title graphic over an image of a woman dancing. Right: a lower-third graphic over a close-up of the same woman

Be efficient when creating elements for multiple uses

For graphics like lower thirds that need to be customized and used over and over again, it makes sense to save them as Motion Graphics templates. In After Effects, use the Essential Graphics panel to identify the elements you want to be editable in Premiere Pro, such as the color of shape layers or the text itself.

When you’re ready, export your Motion Graphics template to a library. Now you can load it into any Premiere Pro sequence. Each instance of the Motion Graphics template in the timeline can be customized separately. You can also make universal changes across all copies since they’re based on the same template.

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