Inserting images

You can insert images in your emails and landing pages.

The following types of images are available, depending on your configuration:

If enabled, you can modify images with the Adobe Creative SDK. See Modifying images with the Adobe Creative SDK.


If you choose to add an image directly by editing the HTML version of the email, you must not call up external files in a

Inserting images in an email

This section describes how to add images to an email using the Creative Designer. If you are using the content editor, see Inserting images in a landing page as the process is the same.

  1. Add a structure component. For more on this, see Editing the email structure with the Creative Designer.

  2. Inside this structure component, add an Image content component.

  3. Click Browse. Drag and drop an image or click to select a file from your computer.

  4. Select the content component that you just added.

  5. Check the image properties and adjust them if needed.


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Inserting images in a landing page

  1. Select a block containing an image.

  2. Use the Insert button.

  3. Choose Local image in the toolbar.

  4. Adjust the image properties as needed.

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