Captivate Prime supports four types of course modules. If you are responsible for creating a training program, you may be wondering which type of module you need to choose to suit your organization's requirements. Based on your organization's budget and audience needs, you can choose the course modules. Some of the typical use cases for each type of module are explained below for your reference.

When to choose classroom modules? 


In classroom training, learners attend the classes in person facilitated by an instructor. In this type of training, learners are required to attend the classes at a stipulated time and location. Instructors should be available. If the learners and instructors are from different locations, it involves cost and time for the organization to bring all the learners and instructors at one location.


  • Key benefit of this type of training is the learners' social interaction. 
  • You can choose classroom modules for courses which require lot of in-person collaboration and learner's engagement. 
  • Also, if the course topic is complex, new or if it involves learners' discipline in planning and understanding the concepts, then a classroom module is the right choice.

When to choose self-paced modules? 


In self-paced training, learners can begin and complete courses at their own pace. Learners need not attend classes at a stipulated time and location. However, learners have to set the pace and control the learning themselves with a self-disciplined approach.



  • You can choose this type of module for the learners who can manage their own learning timelines. 
  • When you want to reach more learners in less time, and 
  • When you want to control associated costs.

When to choose activity modules?


In activity training, learners need to complete a set of online activities such as exercises, questionnaire, and workshops. Learners contribute directly in these activities rather than receiving any inputs or resources from instructors. These activities are self-paced but they may be time-bound in some cases.



  • You can choose activity modules as a supplement to classroom and virtual classroom training.
  • After attending classroom training, learners can apply their knowledge in the activities outside the classroom and in online communities.

When to choose virtual classroom modules? 


In virtual classroom training, learners attend the classes online with a Live relay by an instructor. Learners need to attend classes at a stipulated time. But, they can attend classes from any location.




  • You can choose classroom module when the course is not complex
  • When learners and instructors are part of distributed teams across locations. 
  • You can save cost on logistics for learners and instructors.

Captivate Prime course modules comparison chart

Feature  Classroom module Self-paced module
Activity module Virtual classroom module
Instructor based Yes Yes, but recorded session.  No Yes
Online Live session No No No Yes
Remote access No Yes Yes Yes
In-person Yes No No No
Time bound Yes No Sometimes Yes
Adobe Connect recording No No Yes No