What's new in Elements Organizer 2018

Elements Organizer 2018 brings to you powerful features that help you to organize, search, and share your photos and videos faster than before. Browse through your media files and pick your best photos in just a click using Auto Curate. Easily create, customize, and share creative slideshows using the enhanced Slideshow feature. Improved overall performance in Elements Organizer 2018 helps you work faster and more efficiently, even with large catalogs.

Read on for a quick introduction to the new and modified features in the latest release of Elements Organizer and find links to resources that offer detailed step-by-step information.


Elements Organizer is included with Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements. For more information about new features in these products, see What's New in Photoshop Elements 2018 and What's New in Premiere Elements 2018.

Auto Curate

Finding your best photos is easier than ever!

Using Auto Curate, Elements Organizer automatically selects the best photos from your catalog based on aesthetics, people, and more.

Elements Organizer smartly analyzes your catalog and selects your best photos, when you use Auto Curate. The Auto Curate feature lets Elements Organizer select your best photos, based on image quality, tags, and more, so you can quickly view and work with your best photos.

After Elements Organizer has auto-curated your photos, you can quickly edit the photos or add the selection to an album. You can also create photo projects and share the auto-curated photos on social media.

For more information, see Auto-curate your best photos.


Experience the improved slideshow feature and create your dream slideshow!

Create instant slideshows using photos and video clips. Choose from various themes, audio tracks, and text slides to add to your slideshow.

Slideshows are a fun way to showcase your photo and video memories. Now with Auto Curate, you can speed up slideshow creation. Elements Organizer automatically picks your best photos and brings them together to create a stylish slideshow. You can also manually select your photo and video files to easily create an animated slideshow. Customize your slideshow using great-looking themes, text slides, captions, and audio tracks, and instantly share them on social media.

For more information, see Slideshows.

Performance enhancements

Work more efficiently, even with large catalogs!

Experience smoother launch and scrolling, and easily switch between views in Elements Organizer. Also experience the overall smoother performance when Face Recognition is running.

The following performance improvements help you to achieve your best work with media files, with minimal effort.

Launch: Elements Organizer launches and gets up and running smoother and quicker than before, even with a large catalog.

Scrolling: Experience smoother scrolling, even when Face Recognition is running, both in the Grid and Single Image views.

Media grid: You can experience smoother interaction with files in the Media grid. Double-click an image in the Media grid to instantly view it in the Single Image view and vice versa.

Switch quickly to People view: You can effortlessly switch to the People view from the Media view and vice versa.

Scrolling through unnamed stacks in People view: You can experience smoother scrolling when you have many unnamed stacks in the People view.

Overall performance while Face Recognition is running: Elements Organizer runs much smoother now when Face Recognition is running.

Modified features

Catalog backup and restore
  • With the latest release of Elements Organizer, you can’t back up your catalogs on a DVD. To learn more about how you can back up your catalog, see Back up or restore catalogs.
  • You can't back up or restore PDF files in Elements Organizer.


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