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Access the Admin Console for administering and managing user accounts. Learn more.

Teams memberships are ideal for small to midsize businesses and departments. Creative Cloud for teams includes everything in Creative Cloud plus a web-based Admin Console for easy license management with the ability to reassign licenses, centralized IT deployment tools, advanced 24/7 technical support, 1:1 sessions with Adobe product experts, and more.

Manage users


You can start with adding users. These user accounts entitle the end users in your team to Adobe products and services. You can manually add users or bulk upload users using a CSV file. For details, see Manage users.

Manage administrators


Team users have only one admin role: System Administrator. A System Administrator manages the entire Admin Console and can assign other system administrators. For details, see Manage administrative roles.

Add products and licenses


If you have purchased the Teams membership through Adobe.com, you can buy more licenses anytime. And, the additional licenses are billed in your next billing cycle. For details, see Add products and licenses.

Assign products and licenses


As the System Administrator of a team, you can assign users directly to the products using the Products page in the Admin Console. A license is consumed when a user is added to a product. For details, see Manage products.

Deploy apps and updates


You can either empower users with a self-service workflow or opt for a more managed environment where you decide what, when, and how products and features get installed. For details, see Deploy apps and updates.

Storage and services


Storage is subject to stacking. For example, a user with Creative Cloud for teams (100 GB), and a Creative Cloud Photography (20 GB), has 120 GB of storage allocation in all. For details, see Manage enterprise storage.

Manage your account

Using Console Settings, you can add notes for your end users to communicate with them about how they can get assistance if they require support. You can even choose a default Email language for your organization.

If you are the Contract Owner, and you have purchased the Teams membership through Adobe.com, you can do the following from the Accounts page in the Admin Console:

  • Edit the payment details
  • View your billing history
  • Change the contract owner
  • Edit your team name

For details, see Manage your Teams account.

Deploy apps and updates

You can decide how your end users download products and updates, depending on the control they have on their machines, and the size of your team.

Self-service Self-service packages Managed packages

Use this option if the team is small and the end users have administrative privileges on their machines.

To install and manage their applications, the end users can download the Creative Cloud Desktop app. For details, see Resources for teams end users.

Use this option if the team is small, but does not have administrative privileges on their machines.

In the Admin Console, navigate to Packages, create a self-service package, and deploy the package to the end-user machines. The self-service package contains the Creative Cloud desktop app, which users can use to install and manage their applications.

Use this option if you have a large team, if the users do not have administrative privileges, or if you want to control your users' application installs and updates. In the Admin Console, navigate to Packages, create a managed package, and deploy the package to the end-user machines.

While creating a managed package, you can choose to allow or disallow the end users without Administrative privileges, to install, and manage their applications and updates.

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