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The following section defines some problems and provides answers to frequently asked questions in AEM.


How do I configure binary-less distribution?

Binary-less distribution is supported for deployments over a shared data store and involves agents that leverage the Vault based Distribution package exporter (factory PID: package builder.

With binary-less mode enabled, the content packages distributed contain references to binaries rather than the actual binaries.

How do I enable binary-less distribution?

To enable binary-less distribution, you must deploy with a shared blob store.
Check the useBinaryReferences property in the OSGI configuration with the factory PID ( that your agent is using.

How can I customize the error messages while navigating page hierarchy in AEM sites console?

Check the Network panel (of Chrome browser) where a personal setup (js has not been minified).

View the Initiator column to determine what the initiator of a request was. It provides the files and the line numbers from where the ajax call were made. Subsequently, you can trace the error handling function and change the error message as per your requirement.

How to enable permissions while creating Language Copy for Content-Authors in AEM?

Content-Authors need to have the permissions on /content/projects for using the create language copy feature.

If one requires the authors to manage projects as well, then the workaround is to add the author to project-administrators group.

How to change the format while creating Language Copy for a project?

You need to create a language root and language copy inside the root, before creating a translation project.

For example,
Create a language root inside /content/geometrixx with name as fr_LU (and title as French (Luxembourg)). Subsequently, create language copy of page from the references panel and navigate to Create structure only option in Create & Translate. Finally, create a translation project and then add the language copy to the translation job.

For details, refer to the additional resources below:


Why the Assets workflow repeats itself while uploading mp4 files (for instance, using drag and drop method)?

If the user, uploading the movie files does not have delete permissions under asset node, the delete chunk nodes fail and the upload restarts.


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