This article lists the tasks that you should complete to implement Adobe Experience Manager Sites 6.3.


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Discovery and Requirements

The objective of this phase is to define your online business goals so that your consultant or partner can envision the contribution of Adobe Experience Manager Sites to help meet these business goals.

This phase also defines the technical requirements of the implementation to help minimize issues that might be ecountered during the implementation phase.

Discovery Workshop Guidelines
Project delivery checklist


​This section focuses on content modeling, application architecture​​, and Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud integration considerations.  

Content Architecture (Content Modelling) Your consultant or implementation partner can help you design a content model for your sites, assets, taxonomy, and application data.
Infrastructure Architecture Recommended deployment patterns
TarMK Vs MongoMK
AEM capacity guide
​System Integration Solution integration
Marketing and Creative cloud integration Integration with Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud
Architecture Best Practices OAK, Communities, UI, Performance best practices

Installation and Provisioning

This section covers the installation, provisioning and configuration. This includes Marketing Cloud products integrations.​​

 Installation Custom Standalone Install
Install or upgrade feature Packs AEM feature packs
AEM 6.3 Hotfixes​
Troubleshooting and Known Issues in Installation AEM - Known issues
Troubleshooting installation issues
Dev, Staging, UAT Environments Environments guidance
Development Tools Setup (Brackets, Eclipse, File Vault, Source Tree etc) Development tools with AEM 
Version Control Using VLT
Project / Maven Setup AEM project archetype
Building AEM projects with Maven

Configuration and Implementation

This section covers various aspects of implementation for a project involving AEM Sites, such as workflows, collections management, creating and managing custom namespaces, and so on.​


This section covers the administration of the AEM Sites process and application ​​​administration and custom reports generation.​


This section covers the content migration approaches and the repository migration approaches using OAK ​tools​.​