How to find conflicts when getting "OakState0001" error in AEM


In general, conflicts error occurs when multiple sessions updates concurrently the same contents.

For example

Two session started concurrently for the same contents as below:

In that case, Session A got error "OakState0001"

Session A started at 01:00

Session B started at 01:05

Session B finished at 01:10 => complete with success.

Session A finished at 01:15 => got error "OakState0001"


AEM6.1, AEM 6.2, AEM6.3


To find conflicts in AEM, follow the steps below:

  1. Search "OakState0001: Unresolved conflicts in" in error.log.

  2. Find when error occurred and which contents were conflicted.


    When opening a page of "/content/wcm/sites/www/mysite/en/jcr:content/pagepar/mainpar.html", 

    "/content/wcm/sites/www/mysite/en/jcr:content/pagepar/mainpar/common_button" was conflicted.

    23.03.2017 11:36:08.734 *ERROR* [ [1490236567948] GET /content/wcm/sites/www/mysite/en/jcr:content/pagepar/mainpar.html HTTP/1.1] Error setProperty

    javax.jcr.InvalidItemStateException: OakState0001: Unresolved conflicts in /content/wcm/sites/www/mysite/en/jcr:content/pagepar/mainpar/common_button

Summary: Review for concurrent session updates to find what is conflicted.  

In most cases, the following might be root cause:

  • Same operation was trigerred in a short time. 
  • Customized workflow or jsp being used wiithout consideration of session management. 


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