Import failure | Invalid polling configuration | SiteCatalyst Impressions


Messages containing the following text in the category ERROR appear in the error.log file on a recurring basis: importData: Unexpected failure importing PollConfig

This error could be caused by an invalid configuration in the Cloud Services for Adobe SiteCatalyst and prevents the page impression data to be imported into Adobe Experience Manager.

This error causes the following issues:

  • Page Impression data within Adobe Experience Manager is not updated from SiteCatalyst. This process runs in the background. It fetches the data and updates the repository.
  • This process usually runs on an author instance. Disable it on publish, QA, and development instances.
  • Even-tough the configuration is invalid, there is still an API request made to SiteCatalyst that consumes unnecessary resources in Experience Manager and on SiteCatalyst.


Disable the Impression Importer if it's not necessary in an environment to avoid unnecessary resources being used (for example, the development, QA, and publish instances):

Adobe Experience Manager 5.6.x

  1. Go to /system/console/configMgr/ and log in with admin credentials.
  2. Deselect

Adobe CQ 5.5

  1. Go to /system/console/components and log-in with admin credentials.
  2. Search for
  3. Use the Disable action.

Alternatively, you can deploy hot fix cq-5.5.0-hotfix-3394. It allows you to disable the importer via OSGi configuration instead OSGi component level. It omits the API call to SiteCatalyst when there's an invalid configuration.

Repeat these steps for each instance.

Adobe CQ 5.4

Please contact support.


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