Asset deletion hangs and takes more than a minute | AEM 6.3

When deleting assets in the /assets.html Touch UI, the UI hangs and takes more than a minute to complete the operation.


AEM 6.3


This is a known product bug, GRANITE-18998, the cause is that the query limit is hit when executing this query:

SELECT * FROM [nt:base] WHERE (ISSAMENODE('/content/dam/adobe-test/jpg3186.jpg') OR ISDESCENDANTNODE('/content/dam/adobe-test/jpg3186.jpg')) AND [cq:lastReplicationAction] = 'Activate'


  1. Add this JVM parameter to the CQ_JVM_OPTS variable in the AEM crx-quickstart/bin/start script:


Or if you are not able to apply the Oak fix, as workaround:

  1. Log in to http://aem-host:port/crx/de/index.jsp as admin.

  2. Set /oak:index/ntBaseLucene/indexRules/nt:base/properties/cqLastReplicationAction/propertyIndex=false.

  3. Set /oak:index/ntBaseLucene/refresh=true.

  4. Click Save All.

  5. If propertyIndex was already set to true, then set /oak:index/ntBaseLucene/indexRules/nt:base/properties/cqLastReplicationAction/index=false.

  6. Click Save All again.

Note:  There is no need to reindex after setting this property.


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