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Adobe Express overview

  1. Adobe Express User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. Adobe Express overview
    2. What's new in Adobe Express
    3. Adobe Express system requirements
    4. Adobe Express keyboard shortcuts
    5. Adobe Express FAQ
    6. Known issues in Adobe Express
    7. Adobe Express free trial FAQ
    8. Progressive Web App
    9. Add the Adobe Express browser extension
  3. New Adobe Express mobile app
    1. Overview
    2. Frequently asked questions
    3. What's new in Adobe Express
    4. System requirements
    5. Known issues
    6. Migrate files
    7. Create images with generative AI
    8. Create text effects with generative AI
    9. Insert objects using Generative Fill
    10. Remove objects using Generative Fill
    11. Generate editable templates using generative AI
    12. Create and edit videos
    13. Explore templates
    14. Collaborate and comment
    15. Schedule and publish social media posts
    16. Work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator assets
    17. Create and manage brands
  4. Create and edit graphics, photos, and videos
    1. Work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator creative assets
    2. Import and enhance PDFs in Adobe Express
    3. Getting started with Adobe Express templates
    4. Create a new template from scratch
    5. Share designs as remixable templates
    6. Create a web page using Adobe Express
    7. Add multiple pages in Adobe Express
    8. Create a video using Adobe Express
    9. Find and submit Adobe Stock Content ID
    10. Animate texts and photos using Adobe Express
    11. Import color themes from Adobe Color
    12. Translate files and templates
    13. Work with layers
    14. Use ChatGPT to discover Adobe Express Templates
  5. Presentations
    1. Import a PowerPoint file
    2. Explore presentation templates
    3. Manage pages
    4. Present a design
  6. Backgrounds
    1. Add a background image to your design
    2. Remove backgrounds for videos with ease
    3. Replace page backgrounds from images          
  7. Generative AI
    1. Generate an image from text using generative AI
    2. Generate text effects using generative AI
    3. Insert or replace objects in an image with Generative fill
    4. Remove objects from an image using Generative fill
    5. Generate editable templates using Text to template (Beta)
  8. Create and manage brands
    1. Create a brand
    2. Manage shared brands
    3. Edit roles in brands
    4. Custom fonts
    5. Creative Cloud Libraries
    6. Lock and unlock elements in designs
    7. Set brand style controls on templates
    8. Create from a shared template
    9. Apply brand colors
  9. Create and manage projects
    1. Create projects
    2. Add files, folders, brands, and libraries
    3. Copy files, brands, and libraries
    4. Move files, brands, and libraries
    5. Share projects
    6. Projects FAQ
  10. Content Scheduler
    1. Content Scheduler overview
    2. Connect social media accounts
    3. Schedule and publish social media posts
    4. Generate captions (Beta) for social in AI
    5. Media specifications for social media posts
    6. Content Scheduler FAQ
  11. Quick Actions
    1. Resize image using Quick Actions
    2. Remove background from images using Quick Actions
    3. Convert file format of images using Quick Actions
    4. Crop an image using Quick Actions
    5. Animate a character from audio
    6. Add captions to videos using Quick actions 
    7. Trim videos using Quick Actions
    8. Resize a video using Quick Actions
    9. Convert to GIF from a video using Quick Actions
    10. Convert videos to MP4 using Quick Actions
    11. Crop a video using Quick Actions
    12. Merge videos and images using Quick Actions
    13. Convert to or from PDF using Quick Actions
    14. Edit PDF text and images using Quick Actions
    15. Combine files into a single PDF using Quick Actions
    16. Organize Pages into a single PDF using Quick Actions
    17. Generate QR code using Quick Actions
    18. Quick Actions FAQ
  12. Publish and share
    1. Collaborate and comment in Adobe Express
    2. Host a project using Adobe Express
    3. Copy files between accounts
    4. Privacy and permissions
  13. Adobe Express on mobile
    1. Adobe Express for iOS
    2. Adobe Express for Android
    3. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on iOS
    4. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on Android
    5. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on Samsung Galaxy Store
  14. Adobe Express for Education
    1. Draw with brushes
    2. Adobe Express for Education FAQ
    3. Adobe Express for Education Teachers FAQ
    4. Adobe Express for Education Students FAQ
    5. Adobe Express for Education onboarding FAQ
    6. Missing icons in Adobe Express mobile app FAQ

Make Reels and TikTok videos, flyers, resumes, banners, logos, and more with the new, all-in-one Adobe Express app for fast and easy content creation. 

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Uncover the endless possibilities with Adobe Express.

  • Combine video clips, artwork, animations, and music to make videos with drag-and-drop ease.  
  • Complete one-click tasks powered by Adobe Photo, design, video, and PDF tools. 
  • Generate extraordinary text effects and images instantly from just a description with Adobe Firefly generative AI.
  • Complete designs faster with thousands of professionally designed templates, Adobe Stock photos, videos, music, and more. 
  • Collaborate and comment on files in real time with your team. 
  • Seamlessly access and add linked Photoshop and Illustrator assets that always stay in sync. 
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Try the app
Use any of your designs and follow along to level up with Adobe Express.

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Explore the amazing features of Adobe Express

Here's a glimpse of some of the fantastic features in Adobe Express to help you create standout content. 

Video creation

Create Reels and TikToks quickly and easily with drag-and-drop video creation. Start with templates or your own static designs and add your brand, design assets, Adobe Stock videos and music, and more.

Generative AI tools

Make designs faster and easier with generative AI tools that take out the guesswork. Generate extraordinary text effects and images instantly from just a description with Adobe Firefly generative AI.  

Professionally-designed templates

Get started quickly with free, professionally-designed video and multiple-page templates, plus all-new Adobe Stock videos and music. You can even personalize any template by adding content in a few clicks. 

One-click tasks

Use Quick Actions to accelerate your workflow. In Adobe Express, advanced Adobe features are one-click tasks — remove backgrounds, resize images and videos, trim video clips, and edit PDFs.

Adobe Express membership cost

The Adobe Express Free plan is free for web and mobile applications. 

Adobe Express Premium plan is the full version of the app, which includes all premium features and lets you create branded stories with your logo, colors, and fonts. It's included with most Adobe Creative Cloud plans or available for purchase as a stand-alone plan on the Adobe website or via in-app purchases in mobile applications. 

Check out Adobe Express Free and Premium plan pricing. Sign up for a free trial to try our premium features for free. Check out our FAQ on Adobe Express's free trial. 

Adobe Express for Education, teams, and enterprise

For Education

Adobe Express for Education, including Adobe Express and Photoshop Express, is free for students and educators and designed to work within Adobe's standard data privacy protections and other features designed for the education context. 

Colleges and universities with Creative Cloud All Apps for Higher Education get access to Adobe Express for Education.

Adobe Express makes it easy to foster powerful creative learning experiences. Students and teachers can use Adobe Express to create photo essays, trip reports, student portfolios, classroom newsletters, athletics announcements, and more. 

For teams and enterprise

The Adobe Express offering is now available for stand-alone purchasing. For small medium businesses, get started today and buy Adobe Express for teams

For larger enterprise organizations that need enterprise-grade security and integrations, learn more and contact sales.

Get Adobe Express

You can use Adobe Express on the web or your mobile device.

  1. Access Adobe Express on the web.
  2. Download Adobe Express on your devices: iOS | Android.

Check out the system requirements to understand the minimum technical specifications to create content and graphics on your devices.


If you're an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, sign in using the same login credentials you use for Creative Cloud. This way, you'll have access to the full version of the applications.

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Adobe MAX

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Adobe MAX 2024

Adobe MAX
The Creativity Conference

Oct 14–16 Miami Beach and online

Adobe MAX

The Creativity Conference

Oct 14–16 Miami Beach and online