Slow performance | InDesign


InDesign runs slower than usual.


Before you try the solutions below, ensure the following:

  • Check the minimum system requirements for the latest version of InDesign.
  • Install the latest version of InDesign.
  • Check if the issue is related to a specific document/ tool/ feature. Try creating a new document and see if the issue persists.
    - If no, then the document may be corrupt.
    - If yes, check if the issue occurs with a specific tool/ workflow.
  • Are the files saved on Network Drive/ System HDD/ Shared Folder on System /External HDD?
    We always recommend saving the files locally. When you save and open files across a network or from removable media, many variables affect application performance. Internal hard disks have faster access/ speeds than network servers (that is, a hard disk accessed over a network) or removable media. In case you are saving the files to the network or removable media, then try saving the file to Desktop and see if that works.
  • If the problem is recent, check for any changes made to your system. For example, any antivirus, system, or application updates, or web extensions installed recently.



Reset preferences

Preference settings are saved each time you quit the application. Slowness and unexpected behavior in the application can be caused due to corrupt/ damaged preferences. For more details, see Set preferences.
 Resetting the preferences removes all the custom settings and InDesign launches with default settings. We recommend you to take a backup of the folders.

Troubleshoot GPU related issues 

(macOS only) 

Toggle between GPU and CPU preview modes to identify if GPU performance is causing the slow performance. 

For more details, see GPU Performance InDesign.

Remove old or corrupt Fonts 

Corrupt and damaged fonts may result in the slow performance of an application. 

For more details, see Troubleshoot font issues

Reinstalling the application

If the steps shared above did not help and the application is still not working properly, you’ll need to reinstall the application.
 Reinstall the application with default preferences (by clearing old preferences).

  • Use the Cleaner tool to completely remove the application. Remove all InDesign related folders manually from the following locations:




C:\Program Files\Adobe




Finder > Applications

Advanced troubleshooting steps

These are generic steps that help you in testing the app in Safe Mode and Hidden Admin Account/Root user account on the device to fix the issue. For more details, see Advanced troubleshooting for launch issues.

Refer the community article for best practices to optimize performance.


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