When you add photos to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, they sync to the cloud so you can access them across your devices. Lightroom automatically finds objects in your images, so you can type words — such as “water,” “flowers,” or “boots” — to find what you’re looking for when you search on desktop, mobile, and web.

Man holds mobile phone with many images selected (left). One of the images appears on a laptop (right).

Add photos from your computer

You can select photos from a local or connected drive on your computer and add them to Lightroom. Click the + button in the upper left and browse the photos accessible from your computer. Select the images or folders you want to add, and then click Review for Import. On the next screen, click to uncheck any photos you don’t want to include, and then click Add Photos. Photos added from your desktop automatically appear in the Lightroom app on your mobile device.

Tip: If you have already added photos in Lightroom on your mobile phone, theyll automatically appear on your desktop.

Click the + button, then select photos to add them to Lightroom from your computer.

Add photos from your mobile device

Tap Add Photos, then Camera Roll. Or, tap the camera icon to take a photo with the in-app camera. Select the photos on your mobile phone you want to add — tap individual thumbnails, or swipe across images to select multiple photos. Once you’ve made your selections, tap Add Photos to import them.

Note: The Lightroom for mobile interface may vary slightly depending on the version of the Lightroom app you have and whether you’re using it on iOS or Android.

Click Add Photos > Camera Roll, tap thumbnails or swipe across images to select them. Tap Add Photos to import to Lightroom.

Easily find your photos

Lightroom automatically tags your photos with keywords so you can search on desktop, mobile, and web by simply typing words such as “flowers” in the search field.

Lightroom automatically adds keywords to photos. A search for “flowers” brings up 33 results.

Create an album

Albums provide an easy way to keep your photos organized. You can create albums in Lightroom on your desktop or mobile device. Click the + icon in the Albums section on your computer, or at the top of the screen on mobile, select Create Album, name the album, and click Create, or tap OK. Then, select the album and click or tap Add Photos to select the images to add.

Click the + button, Create Album on mobile device or computer to create an album.

View your photos on all your devices

When you add photos and albums to Lightroom, they’re automatically available on all your devices. Lightroom sorts photos by the date on which they were taken. On your desktop, click By Date to view photos by year, month, or specific date. From your mobile device, tap All Photos and view your photos sorted by year.

Lightroom sorts photos by date taken. Desktop: Click By Date to view by date. Mobile: Tap All Photos to view by year.

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