Adobe Comp End of Support

Here is everything you require to know about the End of Support (EOS) of Adobe Comp.

Adobe Comp is discontinued on iOS and Android devices and is no longer available for download. Adobe ended official support for existing users on April 29, 2022. If you are looking to create quick layouts and mockups, start using Adobe Express or Illustrator on the iPad.

For more information, see the FAQs below.

No, the app will not be removed. You can continue using Adobe Comp after the end of support. However, Adobe will not be adding any new features or updates to the app. To enjoy an interruption-free experience with enhanced features, Adobe encourages you to use Adobe Express or Illustrator on the iPad.

No, you can use Adobe Express as a free, mobile alternative. However, you can subscribe to Illustrator on the iPad or get a free trial to create designs and quick layouts.

All your files will be available in Adobe Comp as the app continues to function on your device. You can also use Adobe Express as a free, mobile alternative.

You can also download Illustrator on the iPad from or the App Store. If you have an existing subscription, log in with the Adobe ID. However, Illustrator on the iPad does not support Adobe Comp files. So, you can share your files on Illustrator on the desktop. To learn how to share your files, see Comp FAQ.

You can also log into at any time to access and manage all your content from Adobe, including files that were made in Adobe Comp.

Adobe ended official support for existing users on April 29, 2022. For more information about Adobe Comp, see Comp FAQ.

Adobe Express and Illustrator on the iPad are great apps for those who want to create layouts, mock-ups, and designs. If you love to design your idea and refine them, these are the right apps for you. 


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