Template on how to use the API test site

To let the onboarding programmers know how to test the integrations, send the below template via email to all the programmers.


  1. Access https://entitlement.auth-staging.adobe.com/apitest/api.html and sign in with login as adobe and password as adubad0b3.

    Authentication prompt
  2. To load the staging profile, provide the Load field value as https://entitlement.auth-staging.adobe.com/entitlement/AccessEnabler.swf. Click 'Load Access Enabler'. It loads in some time.

    Load field to load the staging profile
  3. Input the value of your REQUESTOR_ID in the requestor id field. Click setRequestor.  

    Input requestor ID
  4. Click checkAuthentication. The setAuthenticationStatus column displays 0 and the error code field displays a User Not Authenticated error. These callbacks indicate the status of the authentication.

  5. Click getAuthentication. A picker displays the list of the MVPDs, using which your REQUESTOR_ID is activated (only Adobe IdP for now). Click Log in.

  6. On the sign page that you are redirected to, enter the username and password as randy and randy. Click OK to load the API test site.

    Sign in page
  7. Repeat steps 2 -- 4. If you're authenticated, the setAuthentication status value changes to 1.

  8. Click getAuthorization. An authorization token in the token field indicates authorization for the resource. By default, the above account authorizes for all resources.

  9. Click Re-Read LSO in the right-side panel. The authentication and authorization tokens are generated for the user and for the device.