Adobe Sign transaction limits

Adobe Sign currently limits transactions based on the service level of the sending party per the table below:

  Transactions/ User License File size/ Upload Pages/ Transaction Signers/ Transaction KBA Transactions Phone Auth Transactions
Single User (Individual) 150 10 MB 100 10 0 0
Multi-User for teams (Small Business) 150 10 MB 100 25 0 0
Business Custom 10 MB 100 25 0 0
Business VIP Custom 10 MB 100 25 50 50
Enterprise Custom 10 MB   500 25 50/yr  50/yr
Enterprise VIP Custom 10 MB  500 25 50 50

Transactions/Adobe  Sign user:  A  transaction is a  document sent from your account for signature.

Adobe Sign single-user and multi-user for teams plans include  150  transactions per user per year.  Learn more about  Adobe  Sign’s  Use  Limitations.

File size/Upload: Adobe Sign limits the size of each file uploaded.

If you attempt to upload a document outside this bound, you get an error under the file that says "Upload limit exceeded."

Pages/Transaction: The whole transaction (all files merged together) have a total page limit.

If you attempt to send a document that is larger than your account set limit, you get the error "Adobe Sign was unable to create your agreement because the document(s) exceeded your page limit."

Signers/Electronic transaction: The number of people who can sign an electronic signature transaction varies for each level of service.

Single-user, multi-user for teams, and business service levels have hard caps to the total number of signers their transactions can include.

KBA transactions: Knowledge-Based Authentication is an advanced form of signer verification that is enabled at the business and enterprise level of service.

Phone Authentication transactions: Phone Authentication transactions are an advanced form of signer verification that is enabled at the business and enterprise levels of service.


Rate throttling information can be found in the Adobe Sign FAQ.