Adobe software support guidelines

Learn about the support timeline for Adobe products and services.

Is my app supported?

For desktop apps, Adobe supports our current apps and the two previous major versions of each. For web and mobile apps, we support only the current version. For a list of apps and the support periods, see Products and technical support periods.

Does my app get security updates?

Adobe provides security updates to our current apps only. We recommend you always update to the latest versions of your apps to take advantage of feature, performance, and security enhancements.

What apps are available for download?

We provide installers for our current desktop apps and the previous major version of each. (Acrobat DC is the exception. We provide only the current version to ensure that you have the latest security updates.) For mobile apps, we provide only the latest version. We do not provide installers for apps we no longer sell. Find links to the apps that are available to download.​

Why isn't my app available anymore?

As part of our cycle of innovation, we sometimes discontinue an app so we can focus on delivering new and upgraded software and services.  

Is any support available for a discontinued (EOL) app or service?

We provide support, downloads, documentation, and security fixes as an app or service approaches its end of life. Once the app or service is discontinued, support ends.

Adobe EOL timelines
Support timeline for discontinued apps and services

For information on the support periods for specific Adobe products, see Products and technical support periods.

How much notice do I get for a discontinued app or service?

We generally provide at least 12-months' notice before the end of sales or support. However, unforeseen changes or requirements might cause the notice period to be shorter.

Are enhancements or bug fixes made to a discontinued app or service?

After the EOL announcement, no new enhancements are made to the product or service. When possible, we do work to ensure compatibility with operating system updates and provide security fixes as needed until we stop selling the app or service.

More details

This document defines Adobe's end-of-life (EOL) support timeline for all Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud products and hosted services, whether they are delivered as on-premise software, or as a hosted service, except the services and platforms mentioned in the Exceptions section below.


This EOL timeline does not apply to Adobe services and platforms, such as Flash. EOL should not be interpreted as the discontinuation of any existing Adobe agreement. Services to the existing product base will continue to be provided as per existing contract terms. For products or services with more restrictive EOL requirements, the more restrictive requirement will be enforced.

  • Adobe reserves the right to discontinue a product by terminating support for such product, at any time.
  • Adobe will use commercially reasonable effort to provide at least 12-months' notice before the termination of support.
  • Adobe will use commercially reasonable effort to provide a 12-months' notice of the affected product's end-of-sale date and/or the last day when the affected product can be ordered.
  • During the timeframe between when the EOL notification is made and the actual termination of support, the product will be supported as follows:
    • No new enhancements will be made to the product or service.
    • No enhancements will be made to the product or service to support new or updated versions of the platforms or operating systems on which the product runs or to which it connects.
    • Adobe Customer Care will direct customers to existing fixes, patches, or workarounds applicable to the reported case.
    • Adobe may, in its sole discretion, develop new hot fixes for problems of high technical impact or business exposure for customers. Based on the customer input, Adobe will determine the degree of impact and exposure and the consequent activities.
    • In its sole discretion, Adobe may engage research and development teams on critical cases only and on a limited basis for problem identification.
  • Adobe will use commercially reasonable efforts to address security issues in EOL products through the warranty or support period, whichever is later.



More Information

End of life announcement 

Notification sent to customers, channel partners, and affected parties that the product will no longer be sold, supported, or available for download. 

Typically sent at least 12 months before End of sale.

End of sale (EOS)

Product is no longer sold on or by third-party stores.

Installers are not available for download on

End of life (EOL)

Any online services and support are no longer available. 

All supporting services that require ongoing maintenance are removed. Stored customer data is deleted.

Assisted support  

Support provided by Adobe via online chat, phone, or email for support related to download, activation, and payment.    

Available until a product reaches EOL.

Self-help support   

Online documentation, installers, and community support for product-related questions.    

Updated (if required) until EOS date. Available until EOL.    

Operating System upgrades for the latest version of app    

Enhancements to Adobe products to optimize them to new operating systems.    

Adobe optimizes apps to newer operating systems as needed until the EOS date.    

Security vulnerability

A security vulnerability that an attacker could exploit to break into a user’s computer.    

Adobe makes reasonable efforts to address security issues in EOL products through the warranty or support period, whichever is later.

  • These support guidelines should not be interpreted as a legally binding commitment. Adobe makes no warranties, express, implied, or statutory, by publishing this document, or about the information in this document.
  • The document is informational in nature. Adobe reserves the right to modify the guidelines for specific products as and when its business demands.


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