This document provides instructions for Acrobat XI. If you're using Acrobat DC, see Acrobat DC Help.

Acrobat Create PDF extension is used to convert web pages to pdf. Enabling this extension adds the Acrobat PDF Creation toolbar and the right-click context menu options to convert webpages or links to pdf.

To enable Acrobat Create PDF extension in Chrome:

  1. Launch Google chrome.

  2. Go to Tools -> Extensions (as shown in the snapshot below) or directly type chrome://extensions/ in the chrome address bar.

    Chrome extensions option
  3. An extension named Adobe Acrobat – Create PDF should be present for which the Enabled checkbox would be unchecked. Switch on the Enabled checkbox for this extension.

    Adobe Acrobat - Create PDF extension

    Once enabled, the Create PDF extension toolbar and the right-click context menu options are displayed without requiring restart. The plugin will be grayed out (refer the below snapshot).

    Extension grayed out
  4. Open a webpage on a new chrome tab or refresh any other existing tab which has a webpage loaded. The extension will be enabled once the web page is completely downloaded and can be used for conversion (as shown in the snapshot below).

Extension enabled
Create PDF options

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