Get your objects moving with classic motion tweens.

What you learned:

  • Every animation has at least two keyframes, one for the starting point and one for the ending point (press F6 to insert Keyframe).
  • To add a motion tween, right-click between the two keyframes and select “Create Classic Motion Tween”.
  • Import bitmaps by dragging them in and out of the CC Library, or File Import.
  • Add points to a vector shape by holding down the option key( alt on PC) and dragging with your mouse.
  • Right-click on layer with a classic motion tween and select “Add Classic Motion Guide” to animate along a path. Draw a path (lock center point of object to path on all keyframes).
  • Select the first keyframe and click “Orient to Path” in the Properties panel to animate the object along the guide.
  • Rotate the boat (press Q to Transform) along path on both keyframes so the animation orients to the path.
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