"Case-sensitive drives not supported" or similar install error | macOS


When you try to install an Adobe product, you receive the message, "Case-sensitive drives not supported" in the Install Options panel. Or, you receive an error message such as the following:

  • File system of setup volume not supported.
  • This software cannot be installed because the file system of the OS volume is not supported.
  • Unsupported OS version.
  • Unsupported file system on system disk.


Install the product onto an HFS+ or HFSJ non-case-sensitive drive.

Additional information

To determine whether your drive uses a supported file system (like Mac OS Extended [Journaled]), open the Disk Utility application in your Applications/Utilities folder. The graphic below shows where you can find the drive format information. Click your drive and note of the Format type. 

You cannot install Adobe products on a volume that uses a case-sensitive file system, such as HSFX (HFS+) or UFS. This limitation applies to both the startup drive as well as the drive onto which the software is installed.


Contact Apple Support to format the drive and make it case-insensitive, and then try to install the Adobe app.


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