If your app includes content that users must purchase in order to view, you likely want to make users aware of that content without offering full access.


  1. For each collection, determine whether the product type is Free or Entitled.

    The product assigned to a collection determines whether it is free, entitled, or restricted. Free collections are available to all users regardless of article settings. Entitled collections appear in the app, but metered or protected articles include a paywall that prompts users to sign in or make a purchase. For details, see In-app purchases or subscriptions in AEM Mobile apps.

    For apps with paid content, use Entitled instead of Restricted. Restricted collections are hidden until the user signs in to gain access. If you're encouraging users to purchase content in your app, you usually don't want to hide a collection.

  2. For each article that appears in Entitled collections, edit article properties to determine whether the Article Access option is set to Free, Metered, or Protected.

    If an article is set to Free, it's available for all users to view. If the article is set to Metered, users viewing an Entitled collection can view an article preview until they reach the specified threshold. If the article is set to Protected, users see a paywall when viewing either an entitled or protected collection.

  3. In project settings, determine whether Article Preview is enabled in the Content tab, and specify threshold settings.

    Select the Enable Article Preview option to allow users to preview articles in an Entitled collection. If the user has not signed in or purchased the collection, protected articles in entitlement collections are obscured by a paywall. However, if articles are set to Metered, unentitled users can preview articles until they reach the threshold that you specify. Users can view free articles even if Enable Article Preview is not selected.

    Paywall Page
    A paywall obscures the protected article in a collection set as Entitled.

    The Article Threshold setting lets your users download and view the specified number of articles marked as "Metered" within the specified time when previewing articles in "Entitlement Required" collections. Once a user reaches the limit specified in Article Threshold, a paywall message appears when they browse to metered articles. When the threshold time elapses at the specified Start Time, users can view metered articles again. The threshold applies to metered articles in the app, not just within a collection.

    If users swipe through articles without staying on any article for a specific time, the articles do not count against the threshold. The threshold is reached only when once the user stays on an article for a period of time, called the dwell time. The dwell time is 25 seconds (tablet) and 15 seconds (phone).

  4. Build a custom app in which Enable Preflight is turned off. Test the app.

    Preflight apps do not support entitlement.