Move content across profiles

This article provides instructions on how to move content across Adobe profiles when you have multiple business or personal Adobe plans associated with the same email address.

How can I move content across profiles?

If you wish to move your content across Adobe profiles, you'll need to first export the content from the original profile and then import the content into the other profile.

  1. Sign in to your Adobe Account.
    If you have multiple profiles associated with this Adobe account, you'll be prompted to choose a profile.

    Select a Profile

  2. Choose the profile with the content you'd like to move from your teams or enterprise account.

  3. Move the content using the instructions below. (Instructions are based on storage location type.)

  4. Sign out and then sign in to the alternate profile to move the content to.

Move your content

Adobe Creative Cloud Files

Move the files from the Creative Cloud Files folder on your computer to an alternate location. Then go to and log in to your other profile and upload assets to the Synced files section. See Sync your files using cloud storage for more information.


Download your files from Creative Cloud. You can do this either from Files in the Creative Cloud desktop app or from Then follow these steps to bring the documents into the profile of your choice:

  1. Log out of the profile from which you've downloaded the documents.

  2. Log in to the profile where you'd like to upload the documents.

  3. Upload the downloaded files (which have been converted to their local file formats such as .psd, .ai, and .xd) via Files in the Creative Cloud desktop app.

When the files are uploaded, they'll be converted back to their respective cloud document formats (such as .psdc, .aic, and .xdc).

Note: To switch between profiles, do sign out and sign back in. When you sign in again, you'll need to choose the appropriate profile.

Creative Cloud Libraries

If you have a personal Creative Cloud account (such as a Creative Cloud for individuals plan), you can share Libraries with this account and make a copy. See how to Share libraries.

Alternatively, you can export Creative Cloud Libraries and then re-import them to the profile of your choice.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Photos

Download your photos from Lightroom and store them in an alternate profile of your choice. After you've backed them up, remove them from Lightroom.

Lightroom Downloader app.

Backup catalog from Lightroom Classic.

Adobe Document Cloud

Download and save your documents (from the original profile) in alternate profiles of your choice.

Manage files in Document Cloud.

Download signed documents from Adobe Sign.

Adobe Stock

Download previously licensed Adobe Stock assets with the License History feature on For directions on this process, refer to this article. You can then re-import your documents using these instructions.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is only available online when you're connected to the internet, so there isn't a way to keep any source files offline. However, you can download Spark Post and Spark Video output files.

You can also invite yourself as a collaborator (you'll need to use a different personal email address) and duplicate the project before removing it from your official account. You'll need to republish the creations and generate new links. See how to collaborate.

Adobe Portfolio

You can't export or import Adobe Portfolio content across profiles. If that's required, you'll need to change your personal email address. See, Change Or Update Your Adobe ID.


You can't export or import Adobe Portfolio content across profiles. If that's required, you'll need to change your personal email address. See, Change Or Update Your Adobe ID.

Mobile creations

Follow these steps to share your Mobile Creations with an alternate profile:

  1. Sign in to Creative Cloud using the profile that contains the Mobile Creation you want to copy.

  2. Navigate to the Mobile Creations tab, and select the project you want to share.

    To select the project, hover the mouse over it, and check the box that displays.

    You can share Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Fix, and Adobe Comp projects.

  3. Click either Get link or Share and then click Get Link.

  4. Click Copy Link, and share the copied link with the alternate profile.

What to do if your files are missing from your Creative Cloud account

If you find that one or more of your files is missing from Creative Cloud, you should check for the missing files as detailed in article: Where can I find my missing Creative Cloud files?

Once you find them, you can easily restore them.

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