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Assets Insights

With Asset Insights, unique to AEM, customers can gain immediate insights into how specific assets are performing and use that information to optimize their investments in creative that drives marketing campaigns. Asset Insights provides a unified view of the usage and performance of an asset across marketing campaigns, projects, and channels. In AEM 6.3, major enhancements have been done to make it easier to deploy, gather data and generate insights.
  • New Adobe DTM integration to simplify Asset Insights deployment and management on web pages
  • Enhanced Adobe Analytics integration with new Reserved Vars for Asset Insights
  • Enhanced Asset Insights capability with optimizations to reduce Adobe Analytics server calls

For more information, see Asset Insights documentation.

Assets Templates

AEM 6.3 introduces Asset Templates. Customers can now leverage self-service Asset templates based on Adobe InDesign to create and export brochures, flyers and print ads that speeds time to market while complying with brand guidelines and break digital and print silos with consistent messaging across channels leveraging AEM platform.
  • Seamlessly author and manage print assets such as brochures, flyers, ads etc
  • Quickly create and manage variations in a WYSIWYG authoring interface for different departments,  customer segments and reduce time to market 
  • Export output to different formats; INDD, PDF
  • Easily organize and manage templates and variations in dedicated workspace
  • Easily tag and search 

For more information, see Asset Templates documentation.

Brand Portal

Brand Portal is a cloud based SAAS offering to empower customers to effortlessly distribute approved assets to internal teams and external agencies, partners and scale distributed marketing efforts. AEM 6.3 adds major new features, enhancements to Brand Portal. 
  • New User Groups capability to group users and bring efficiency to bulk operations
  • Enhanced User Roles with additional roles providing better control
  • Enhanced pubish functionality with large gigabyte file publish
  • Non ASCII support in Link share
  • Critical security fixes

For more information, see Brand Portal documentation.


Catalogs capability within AEM Assets allows customers to leverage pre-designed InDesign templates to generate new catalogs straight from Experience Manager, target print channel, saving significant time and layout costs. AEM 6.3 adds new enhancements to Catalogs.
  • Enhanced Catalogs capability with support for InDesign Snippets
  • New Path browser with search capabilities in the product picker
  • User experience improvements

For more information, see Catalog Producer.


AEM 6.3 makes collaboration across cross functional, global teams more seamless to bring in new efficiencies and improve time to market, significantly.
  • New calendar view to monitor tasks
  • New, enhanced task inbox capability to preview assigned tasks, act quickly with one click actions
  • New workflow progress visualization to easily monitor ongoing workflows
  • New asset check in and check out capability in web UI for improved collaboration.Consistent with desktop check in & check out 
  • Enhanced Annotations capability with support for different colored annotations and offline reviews
  • Enhanced Review task with comparison view, annotation and commenting support

Desktop App

Desktop app now makes the access, check in, check out, and bulk upload of assets and complex folder structures seamless, especially when used with Creative Cloud apps. Users working with remote files, while simultaneously handling network data transfer operations in the background, will have a better local desktop experience. 
  • New Upload folder functionality to upload large hierarchical folders
  • Consistent check-in/check-out across desktop and Web UI
  • Local caching to optimize write and read operations
  • Optimized protocols: native AEM HTTP protocol used to communicate with AEM
  • Stability and usability improvements

These improvements were released in Desktop App v 1.4 - for more information, see AEM Desktop App release notes.

File Support

AEM now uses Photoshop and Acrobat-quality image and PDF libraries to support high quality file operations such as conversion, previewing, raster and creating thumbnails and preserving color and embedded color profiles, using Adobe ICC profiles or your own. Deliver images with RGB, CMYK or grayscale so your digital assets look bright and beautiful across channels. 
  • New 3D file format support. Repurpose 3D assets to accelerate time to market and save on production costs. Upload, manage, view, and render 3D content created from Creative Cloud or many popular 3D applications. Easily rotate, zoom, change colors, textures, backgrounds (stages) and lighting on 3D objects to create a new set of images from an infinite number of camera angles to use in digital marketing campaigns.
  • New Adobe Imaging library with wider image formats handling, performance improvements
  • New Adobe PDF library with wider, improved support for PDF and Illustrator files


New capabilities to provide more streamlined metadata workflows, improved metadata quality associated with assets.
  • New IPTC and IPTC Extension tabs to better support photography workflows, creative & marketer collaboration. Improved metadata interoperability between Adobe Creative Cloud apps and AEM.
  • New Creative Rating support 
  • Enhanced bulk metadata editing with Form configuration to choose relevant form

Multi lingual assets

AEM 6.3 further streamlines localization efforts with new enhancements to handle advanced scenarios.
  • New Asset Source translation capability to relate and translate source files
  • New capability to translate linked assets within InDesign file
  • New capability to translatie associated assets in Content fragments 
  • Enhanced Translation Update workflow to automatically detect if an asset requires re translation

For more information, see Multilingual Assets.

Related Assets

AEM 6.3 introduces Related Assets capability to better manage, link assets with common traits, properties and streamline worklfows, findability.
  • New Related Assets capability to manually relate assets with similar traits or belonging to same campaign or project
  • View relationships on asset properties page. Use links to navigate to related assets
  • Un-relate capability to later break association if need ceases to exist

For more information, see Related Assets.

Scalability and Performance

AEM 6.3 takes major steps to empower your teams to work more productively and efficiently with a broad range of enhancements to support large scale operations including bulk ingestion, workflow processing, video processing and encoding, handling large files, repositories, and more.
  • Enhanced support for large asset repositories
  • Enhanced support for large files
  • Performance improvements across ingestion, browse, search and download
With AEM 6.3, search improves further to help your teams achieve greater content velocity.
  • New search boost capability to improve search relevance of assets, improve discover ability and reduce time to market
  • New multi value search capability to help discover assets faster
  • Enhanced Tag predicate with AND operator

Smart Tags & Moderation

Smart Tags innovation, an industry first, leverages deep-learning technology to tag images automatically with useful metadata, allowing easy image discovery by marketers. The technology can automatically tag images with keywords based on photo type (macro, portrait, etc.), popular activities (running, skying, hiking), certain emotions (smiling, crying), popular objects (car, road, people), animals, popular locations, primary colors, and more.

  • New machine learning based Smart Tags capability to automatically tag images, improve discover ability and reduce time to market
  • New Smart Tags moderation capability to further improve Smart Tags and search results by promoting relevant Smart Tags and deleting irrelevant ones

User Experience

AEM 6.3 brings multiple improvements to further streamline user experience and address large asset management needs.
  • New server side sorting capability in list view for improved browse,search experience with large number of assets
  • New asset upload experience with upload indicator to provide user feedback on upload progress
  • Enhanced upload experience with serialized upload 
  • Enhanced support for files with long file names
  • Enhanced browsing experience with new folders, files appearing on top by default
  • Enhanced search experience with default search path being current folder
  • Enhanced asset timeline with ability to sort events

Performance and Scalability

AEM Assets 6.3 is the most performant and scalable release of AEM.  Improvements for 6.3 include:

  • Improved Assets Ingestion
  • Improved Asset Upload
  • Increased Assets repository support up to 400tb.

In addtion 6.3 includes new documentation to guide implementation of AEM with best practices.  These Assets Best Practices documents include:

Dynamic Media Add-on

Color Management

  • Ingested assets will retain their color space (RGB, CMYK, Gray) and embedded color profile.  Dynamic image renditions can be generated to deliver color corrected images which represent the color as consistently as possible among different channels such as print vs. digital experiences. See Color Management.

Configuration & Setup Simplification

  • Dynamic Media replication agent has been simplified to consolidate required settings into single tab, remove inapplicable settings, and auto-populate server settings based on geo selection. Changes to keystore management UI for clarity of configuration. See Configuring Dynamic Media.

Components Enhancements

  • Dynamic Media and Interactive Media Sites components converted to Sightly and full Touch UI dialog.  Support for entering free form viewer modifiers to append caption files, navigation for video, etc.

Custom Video Thumbnails

  • Choose from multiple different thumbnails auto-generated from the video or upload an image to use as the video thumbnail before playback begins. See About Video Thumbnails.

Dynamic Image Thumbnails

  • Image renditions used as thumbnails throughout AEM UI, are also now generated by Dynamic Media reducing overall asset processing load.

HTTPS Video Streaming

HTTP/2 Delivery

  • HTTP/2 is the updated web protocol that improves the way browsers and servers communicate, allowing for faster transfer of information while reducing the amount of processing power needed. Delivery of Dynamic Media assets can be over HTTP/2 which provides better response and load times. See Http2.

Image Memory Configuration

  • Set the overall memory limit on image processing in order to not use more memory than is available on the server. See Configuring dynamic media.

Improved Set Creation

Usability enhancements make it easier to create sets:

  • Asset selector provides multiple ways to find assets to include in a set - browse, conduct search query and select assets from different folders
  • Images are automatically sorted according to filename when added to the set, with ability to change sort in ascending/descending order
  • Instant preview of set in viewer with ability to switch different viewer styles
  • Undo/redo function

Interactive Video Split & Merge

  • Improve efficiency of editing interactive video with ability to combine multiple video segments into 1 larger segment, or split 1 segment into multiple smaller segments to add interactivity. See Adding interactivity to your video.

Non-Flash Adaptive Video Streaming on Desktop

  • Video on desktop is streamed using HLS (Apple's HTTP Live Streaming video delivery protocol) which provides the benefits of adaptive streaming but does not rely on the Flash plug-in for rendering video. See Best Practice: Using the HTML5 Viewer.

Process Monitoring

  • Real-time progress status for video encoding and Youtube publishing from all Asset views as well as from workflow admin. Process failures are provided from all Asset views as well as workflow admin, with detailed error messages. Optional email notifications can be sent when processes are completed or failed. See monitoring video encoding and YouTube publishing process.

Viewer Designer Enhancements

  • All viewers now support devices with both mouse and touch input for interacting with rich media (IE11/Edge)
  • Useful tool tips help explain viewer settings and parameters
  • Intuitive click/tap to select visual elements directly on the viewer
  • Advanced developer mode to import existing CSS or use CSS editor for technical configuration
  • Use high pixel density button artwork for retina displays
  • Out-of-box gallery of hotspot buttons minimizes need to develop custom artwork