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AEM provides you with the capability to configure your account and certain aspects of the author environment.

Using the account settings and user preferences the following options and preferences can be defined:

  • Editing Toolbar
    Select whether you want to have the global editing toolbar. This toolbar, which is shown at the top of the browser window, gives you Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete buttons for using with the paragraph components on that page:
    • Show when needed (Default)
    • Always show
    • Keep Hidden
  • Impersonate as
    With the Impersonate as functionality a user can work on behalf of another user.
  • Language
    The language to use for the UI of the authoring environment. Select the required language from the available list.
  • Window Management
    Select either:
    • Multiple Windows (Default)
      Pages will be opened in a new window.
    • Single Window
      Pages will be opened in the current window.

Account Settings

The user icon gives you access to various to the following options:


User Preferences

Each user can set certain properties for themselves. This is available from Preferences dialog in the top right corner of the consoles.


The dialog offers the following options:


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