This document covers questions or issues with the trash can or deleting images in Scene 7 Publishing System.

Question: Why do my image sets contain images that have been deleted?

Assets are not removed from containing sets until they are purged during a cleanup job. That way, relationships aren't lost in case of an accidental deletion. Images that have been trashed are removed from the manifest. They don't show up on the image server side with all the caveats about full versus incremental publish and content delivery network (CDN) caching.

Question: We are looking to clear down a number of old product images in the Scene7 system. How can we provide a list of assets and get these assets deleted in mass?

Mass delete

Since SPS 4.4.1, there is now the ability to delete assets in bulk. See the following Help page for instructions. Note the section "Delete multiple assets with a text file." The limit for the number of assets you can delete at one time is currently 10,000.

Question: When is content removed from the live servers after deleting from SPS?

Since Instant Publish was enabled, as soon as an asset is deleted, a request is sent to remove it from the live Image Servers.

After the content is deleted from the live production servers, it could also be necessary to invalidate URLs for the Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider which use the deleted content.

For standard accounts, choose SPS > File > Invalidate CDN.

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