Create a logo with Adobe Fresco and Adobe Photoshop for your brand.
Learn how to create a simple yet vibrant logo using the unique capabilities of Adobe Fresco and Adobe Photoshop.

Fresco can help you achieve realistic visual effects, which are beyond the effects created using conventional approaches of creating a logo. You can use Fresco to create effects with watercolor or oil live brushes. Use a large collection of pixel brushes to add textures, depths and highlights, and to give a human touch to the logo.

Final logo created using Fresco
Logo created using Fresco and Photoshop
  1. Create a sketch of the logo and the shape.

    Draw the logo
    Create a sketch of the logo

    Use the Pixel brush > Sketching > Pencil to draw the sketch of the logo. 

    By using Fresco, you can sketch out your idea seamlessly as you can easily change pencil settings, erase, and redo/undo.

    Make outline with vector brushes
    Make an outline with vector brushes and mask the layer

    Create a solid shape using vector brush and the Fill tool. Use the layer options in Fresco to mask contents of layers for the shape. By creating a mask, you can prepare a container of the shape to fill water colors without bleeding out of the edges. 

    1. Tap the More Actions  icon on the Taskbar and tap Copy mask.
    2. Create an empty layer and paste the layer mask on it. 
    3. Hide the previous layer. 
  2. Paint the contents of the layer using live brushes and pixel brushes

    Paint with watercolor live brushes and pixel brushes
  3. Launch Photoshop on iPad or desktop and import your PSD file from Fresco. Add text to the shape with Photoshop. 

    Adding text to Fresco sketch file
    Add text to Fresco sketch file

    Save the shape as a PSD file so that you can import it back into Fresco.

  4. Import your artwork into Fresco to add further details.  

    • Open  Fresco and tap on Import and open.
    • Select Photoshop file (.psd).
    • Add further details to the logo.
  5. Export the artwork as a PSD file.

Logo created with Fresco and Photoshop

More logos created with Fresco and Photoshop

Dr. Octo logo created with Fresco
Dr. Octo logo created with Fresco and Photoshop
Pelican logo created with Fresco
Pelican logo created with Fresco and Photoshop

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