Share and collaborate on Fresco cloud documents

Working in a team? Learn how to invite collaborators to directly edit your Fresco cloud documents.

Fresco makes collaboration easy when you work in a team. With the power of cloud documents, you can easily invite other team members to collaborate on your Fresco documents and make real-time edits directly from the app. You can use Fresco
on the iPad or a Windows tablet to send invitations. Similarly, collaborator can use an iPad or a Windows tablet to edit the shared documents.

Experience seamless collaboration.

Before you proceed

  • Ensure you're connected to the Internet to seamlessly work on shared cloud documents. If you're unable to find your shared cloud documents online or face any issues, see Why I can't see my cloud documents online?

Invite to edit from Fresco

From Fresco (Windows or iPad)

Use these steps to share Fresco Cloud document with collaborators:

1. Open an artwork in Adobe Fresco.

2. Tap the head icon  in the top navigation bar.

Tap the head icon in the navigation bar on the top right corner.

3. In the Add People section, type the email address of the people you want to collaborate with.

4. [Optional] In the Message section type a quick note.

5. Tap Invite to edit to send the invitation.

The Members section in the Invite to edit pane displays the names and email addresses of the owner of the shared Cloud document and all invitees. Click Remove to delete the member.

Remove users from collaboration.

Invite users by email.

Invite to edit from the Creative Cloud Desktop App

You can also invite collaborators to edit your Fresco cloud documents from the Creative Cloud desktop app.

 When inviting collaborators to edit Fresco Cloud documents from the Creative Cloud Desktop App, make sure that the email addresses used in the invitation match people's respective Fresco, Creative Cloud Desktop, and Creative Cloud Web Adobe IDs.

Receive the Invitation

The invitation to edit cloud documents is accepted automatically. You can see the invitation via email (Windows or iPad), Creative Cloud desktop, or Creative Cloud web.

Via Email

Invite by Email.

Open the email invitation and click or tap Open to see your shared cloud document on Fresco.

If Fresco is not already installed or updated on your device, you will be prompted to install or update it, accordingly.

Access and edit shared cloud document

The Invite to edit feature in Fresco allows asynchronous editing where each collaborator can edit a shared cloud document, one at a time.

To access and collaborate on the shared cloud document, perform the following steps:

From the App (Windows or iPad)

  1. Go to Home screen > Your work > Shared with you to see all of your shared documents.
  2. Click or tap the document to open and start editing.
Work on the artwork shared with you.

If multiple users try to edit the shared cloud document simultaneously, a conflict avoidance dialog appears:

  • Click OK and reopen the document once the current user has made the changes.
  •  Click Make a copy to work on a copy of the shared cloud document.

From the web

Select an artwork and start editing.

  1. Go to Creative Cloud website > Your work tab > Shared with you.
  2. Select any of the shared cloud documents, and click Open to start editing.

To access and edit the shared document from Creative Cloud desktop, see Find and open Cloud documents shared with you.

Manage shared documents

As an owner, if you want to revoke the editing rights of a collaborator, you can remove them from the shared cloud document. Similarly, collaborators can choose to leave the shared document if they no longer need access to a file.

Remove a collaborator, if you want to, from the invite to edit panel.


  1. Click  or tap  in the upper-right corner of Fresco app.
  2. Hover over the name of the collaborator and click Remove


  1. Click or tap  in the upper-right corner of Fresco app.
  2. Hover over your own name and click Leave

You can remove collaborators from the shared documents with Creative Cloud website and desktop, see How to remove invited collaborators.

Have a question or an idea?


We've got you started with share and collaborate in Adobe Fresco. The interface of Adobe Fresco is intuitive; we hope you will find it easy to unleash your creativity. To know more about Fresco, check out the articles in the user guide.

If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in Adobe Fresco Community. We would love to hear from you and see your creations.


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