Understanding modules in Lightroom Classic | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom konsultācijas
Welcome to this series of tutorials designed to teach you the basics of Adobe Lightroom Classic. This tutorial introduces you to the Lightroom Classic interface.

What you learned: The workspace

  • Lightroom Classic is laid out in modules for different tasks, such as organizing and editing photos. To switch between modules, click the name of a module at the top right of the screen.
  • Use the Library module to view and organize your photos.
  • Switch to the Develop module to edit your photos.
  • Panels are arranged in groups at edges of the screen. Click the small triangle outside a panel group to hide or show the group. Click the title bar of a panel to hide or show the panel.
  • When it’s time to share a photo, choose File > Export to make a copy of that photo.


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Presenter: Ben Willmore

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