java.sql.SQLException "Exception d'E/S: Connection reset..." when generating PDF files with WebLogic 9.2 and LiveCycle ES 8.0.1


 LiveCycle Forms ES 8.0.1 doesn't generate PDF documents, and throws the following exception to the application server WebLogic 9.2:

...  <Warning> <com.adobe.idp.common.errors.exception.IDPLoggedException> <opckrws3><santos> <Thread-16> <<anonymous>> <> <> <1271084731526> <000000> <UserM:GENERIC_WARNING: [Thread Hashcode: -1257420086] | [com.adobe.idp.storeprovider.jdbc.DBStatement] errorCode:12290 errorCodeHEX:0x3002 message:execute query failure(select * from (select /*+ FIRST_ROWS */ * from EDCPRINCIPALDOMAINENTITY where (EDCPRINCIPALDOMAINENTITY.domainName = ?)) where rownum < 2) chainedException:java.sql.SQLException: Exception d'E/S: Connection resetchainedExceptionMessage:Exception d'E/S: Connection reset chainedException trace:java.sql.SQLException: Exception d'E/S: Connection reset at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException( at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException(



Remove one of the default gateways set on the VMWare server.

Additional information

This issue is related to a network problem or DB connection failure.



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