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The option for No Color Management is no longer listed in the Color Handling pop-up menu in the Photoshop Print Settings dialog.


Use the Adobe Color Printer Utility application to print your targets without color management applied.

Download the appropriate attached file




The Adobe Color Printer Utility is not supported on macOS Catalina 10.15 or later.

Install the utility

After you download the appropriate file, double-click the zip file. On macOS, double-click the resulting .dmg file. 


  • Drag the Adobe Color Printer file to the Applications folder or your preferred folder. 


  • Choose to extract all the files. After extraction is complete, drag the Adobe Color Printer Utility to the Programs folder or your preferred folder.  

Run the utility

  1. Double-click the Adobe Color Printer Utility to open the application.

  2. Select a TIFF image to open. This utility only works on TIFF files. 

  3. Choose File > Page Setup. Select your paper size and orientation. 

Note: For most target files, print the image at its original size so it's properly scanned by the profiling device.

  1. Choose File > Print

  2. Turn off Color Management


    1. Expand the Print dialog box by clicking the arrow next to the Printer pop-up menu. 

    2. Use the pop-up menu in the middle of the dialog box to locate the options for paper type and color management. The menu choices and locations for these options change depending on your printer driver.
    3.  Set Paper Type to the paper that most closely resembles the paper you're profiling. 

    4. Set Color Management to Off. Some printer drivers turn off Color Management automatically.


    1. In the Print dialog box, select your target printer and click Properties.

    2. Set Paper Type to the paper that most closely resembles the paper you're profiling.

    3. Set Color Management to Off.


In some printer drivers, select Advanced or Custom to locate these options.  


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