Administrator managed sharing


For enterprise-tier accounts that have advanced account sharing enabled, account-level administrators may elect to remove the ability for users to create their own sharing relationships between other users and/or groups. This option may be useful for accounts that demand tighter document security and want to implement a layer of oversight for when users can see the content of other users' accounts.

When enabled:

  • Account-level administrators have the authority to create a share between users and/or groups.
  • Group-level administrators:
    • May establish shares between the users in their group if Users in Multiple Groups is not enabled.
    • May not establish any sharing relationships if the account has enabled Users in Multiple Groups.
  • Users may not establish any shares.

How it works

By enabling the Account (and Group) administrators manage sharing feature, all non-admin users will lose access to the Sharing Status in the Personal Preferences menu. Users will have no ability to initiate, cancel, accept, decline, modify, or view their shares. Admins must create all sharing for all users and groups.

Creating a share for a user

Establishing a share between a user's account and another user or a group starts by opening the user's profile and selecting the Sharing Status submenu option:

Navigate to the user and edit the user details to access teh sharing status tab

Creating a share for a group

Establishing a share between a group and another group or a user starts by opening the group's administrative menu and selecting the Sharing Status submenu option:

Navigate to the group and select the Sharing Status tab

In either case, creating a new share follows the same process:

  1. Select if the share is outbound (account/group shared with) or a request for a share (shared with user/group) by selecting the appropriate tab.

  2. Select the plus icon to open the share request interface.

  3. Select the picker icon (three horizontal lines) to open the menu of groups and users.

  4. Select the plus icon next to a group to establish a share with the group.

    Expand the group to expose the users in the group, and select individual users when creating a share to one or more specific users.

    Configure the share

  5. Enable any additional permissions beyond viewing.

  6. Select Save when done.


The feature can only be enabled or disabled. There are no further configuration options.


The option to restrict user and group sharing to administrators is limited to enterprise-tier accounts that have advanced account sharing enabled.

Configuration scope:

The feature can be enabled at the account level only.

To enable, navigate to Account Settings > Security Settings > Account Sharing

Navigate to the controls

Things to know

Administrators cannot approve sharing to external accounts (as users in external accounts are not under the authority of the admin).


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