How to delete an agreement document from your Adobe Sign account


Administrators have two options to delete an agreement from the Adobe Sign system:

Programmatic retention:

  • Deletes agreements automatically after they reach a terminal state (completed, abandoned, or expired)
  • Deletion takes place after an Admin established time span

Explicit deletion via GDPR tools:

  • Requires a Privacy Admin to find and explicitly delete an agreement
  • Entirely manual



Only Privacy Admins can use GDPR tools, and they can only delete agreements that have been generated by a user in their account.  

  • Non-Admin users that need to delete an agreement must contact their local Admin team.
  • Support may not delete agreements from the system
  • Admins do not have the authority to delete agreements that are sent from users in a different account.
  • Users that want to hide agreements from their view (vs deleting them) may do so under their own authority on the Manage page.


Adobe Sign UI


  1. Sign in to your Adobe Sign Privacy Admin account.

  2. Navigate to the Privacy interface: Account > Privacy

  3. Search for the email address of the Sender of the agreement

    • All agreement sent by the user will be returned
  4. Scroll through the agreements that are returned and find the one you want to delete

    • The below image only returns one agreement for the sake of clarity. You should expect to return a larger list
  5. Single click the agreement to select it

    • Optional - For completed agreements, it is strongly recommended that you click Download Agreement to download a copy of the agreement PDF before deleting it from the system.
    Delete an Agreement

  6. Click the delete icon (garbage can) to delete the agreement.


    Once deleted, the agreement cannot be recovered in any way.

    Delete the Agreement

  7. A challenge is presented to verify that you want to delete the agreement;

    Click Delete Agreement to complete the request to delete the agreement.


    A success message is displayed to verify that the deletion is underway


Additional information

  • Only the agreements, which are not actively in-process, can be deleted. 
  • Agreements that are in-process must first be canceled/declined/expired
  • Once a transaction has been deleted, it cannot be recovered


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