Customize the Options for Recipients on the e-sign page


The e-signing page allows recipients an array of options.

Several of these options can be controlled by the settings enabled at the account or group level (group-level settings over-ride account-level settings).

A few require that you contact your success manager to have the feature adjusted.

Options on the e-sign page

The interface used has some impact on when settings are available and where they are placed.

  • The content below is primarily for the Web experience.
  • Mobile (or narrow screen aspect ratios) will move some options normally in the header or footer into the Options menu
  • Removing the "chrome" from the page will move some content normally in the header/footer into the Options menu and remove others
    • noChrome indicates that the Adobe Acrobat Sign branding is stripped from the page.  This is used in applications that embed the Acrobat Sign pages into another interface.   

Options that are controlled by customer administrators through UI settings

The configurable options for the recipients are:

The option for the recipient to delegate their action is available via the "Someone else should sign" option:



You can suppress this option by disabling delegation.

There are two controls for delegation, one for internal recipients and the other for external recipients.

Both can be configured at the Account and Group levels

The UI controls are found by navigating to Account > Account Settings > Global Settings > Delegation for users in my account

Delegate controls

"I will not e-sign" is enabled by default.



Allowing the recipient to decline the agreement can be suppressed by navigating to Account > Account Settings > Signature Preferences > Additional Settings

  • Uncheck the Allow recipients to decline box and Save
Refuse controls

The option to convert an e-signature transaction into a written signature process is disabled by default.

Convert to Written


The option to allow recipients to convert an e-signature wirkflow to a written signature flow can be enabled by navigating to Account > Account Settings > Signature Preferences > Additional Settings

  • Check the Allow signers to print, place written signatures and upload box 
  • Click Save
Convert to Written Controls

Messages are included in the Options menu for the Mobile experiences.

Web users will find the message in the top rail to the right, activated by clicking the speech balloon.

It is not possible to relocate the message, but it is possible to remove the option.

Personal message


To remove the in-app message option, navigate to Account > Account Settings > Signature Preferences > Additional Settings

  • Uncheck the Show message to recipients when e-signing box 
  • Click Save
Personal message controls

The below options do not currently have controls in the admin interface. 

However, enterprise-level accounts can contact support to have the setting adjusted on the backend.

This option opens a PDF view of the agreement in its current state.

  • The Read Agreement option is not available in the narrow aspect, Mobile, and noChrome experiences
Read Agreement

This option clears all of the field content added by the recipient, restoring the agreement to the original state when the current recipient opened it.

Clear data

Allows the recipient to download a PDF version of the agreement as they see it.

Download PDF

The copyright mark (as well as some helpful links to support the Acrobat Sign product) are found in the bottom rail of the web browser window.

Copyright - Web


The narrow aspect window includes this content in the Options menu

Copyright - narrow aspect


The Mobile and noChrome experiences include only the copyright information in the Options menu.

Copyright - Mobile

Non-configurable options

Some options may not be configured:

This option displays the history of the agreement's major events.

  • View history is not available in the narrow aspect and noChrome experiences
  • The Mobile apps present the option to view the history of the agreement prior to opening the e-sign page
View History

The Legal Notices menu item contains the collected notices legal information for the Acrobat Sign application, including:

  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie preferences
  • Copyright and Trademark notices
  • Third-party notices
Select Legan Notices

Selecting Legal Notices from the menu produces an overlay with some detailed information, and links to external pages with more in-depth informaiton.

The Legan Notices popout


Customers that use the embedded (noChrome) version of the e-signing page employ a version of the Legal Notices panel that links to pages that do not contain any other active links.

Allows the recipient to change the locale used for the Acrobat Sign interface.

Web users can find the locale selector in the footer of the window

Locale - Web


Mobile, narrow aspect, and noChrome experiences insert the locale selector into the Options menu

Locale - Narrow aspect

The option to Sign electronically only appears in the Options menu if:

  • The agreement was originally sent for electronic signature
  • The recipient selected the Print, sign and upload option form the Options menu

If the recipient that chose to Print the document returns to the Options menu, the Sign electronically option allows them to return to the electronic signature process.

Sign electronically


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