Adobe Acrobat Sign trial FAQ

Adobe Acrobat Sign currently offers two trials:

  • Acrobat Pro with enhanced e-sign – A seven-day single-user trial that provides the complete set of Acrobat Pro features, together with even more powerful e-sign tools to post e-signable forms online, collect payments, and more.
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign enterprise – A 30-day, unlimited user trial of the complete enterprise feature set, allowing for the creation of reusable templates, web forms, custom workflows, and integrations

The Acrobat Sign single-user and enterprise trials limit the number of transactions or participants per minute, hour, and day.

The Acrobat Sign single-user and enterprise trials include the complete set of features available in their respective paid versions with few exceptions:

  • The enterprise trial has no limit on how many users you can add.
  • The enterprise trial does limit the number of transactions (aka agreements sent for signature) to 200 over the 30 day trial period.

For a complete list of included features, visit the plans and pricing page.


If you are a paid Acrobat Sign customer, you cannot use the same Adobe ID and downgrade to a trial account.

The Acrobat Sign enterprise trial supports unlimited user seats, with the requirement that any added user has never had an Acrobat Sign user account provisioned to them before.

Acrobat Sign enterprise trials will have access to their content after the trial expires. After a certain period of time, the account will become inaccessible until the trial is converted to a paid Acrobat Sign subscription.

You will be notified before your expired trial becomes inaccessible.

Plan and pricing details for the single-user accounts, as well as other available Acrobat Sign plans, are available here.

Acrobat Sign enterprise pricing will be quoted to you by one of our sales representatives.


Acrobat Sign trial admins are eligible for chat-assisted technical support from within the Adobe Admin Console.

Visit Adobe Acrobat Sign Learn and Support online for free access to user guides, tutorials, and online community forums.

All paid Acrobat Sign plans have access to phone and chat support.


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