Adobe Acrobat Sign - Suppress email addresses in agreement notifications


Administrators of enterprise and business tier accounts can customize the Review and sign email to suppress the exposure of the email addresses for the sender and/or additional recipients.

By default, both the sender's email and a list of (up to four) additional recipients are displayed in the email body when a recipient is requested to interact with an agreement.

For example, in the agreement configuration below, you can see that the agreement is being sent to six recipients:

Six recipients configured for an agreement

The email received by the recipient displays the sender and their email address (highlighted in teal). Additionally, the email of (up to four) other recipients that the agreement is to be sent to are exposed (highlighted in yellow):

Six recipient email

Only the next four recipient email addresses are exposed, as you can see in the above example email. Any additional recipients are summarized as "and X others."

Configuration Options

The option to suppress the exposure of email addresses can be enabled in enterprise and business tier accounts at the account and group levels.

  • All groups inherit the account settings by default.
  • Groups can explicitly change their settings from the inherited values, and the group-level settings are applied to all agreements sent from the group.
The controls can be accessed by navigating to Account Settings > Email Settings > Customize the "Signature Requested" email:
Navigate to the "Customize the Signature Requested email" settings

These configurations only impact the initial Review and Sign email sent to recipients. Examples of the various setting effects are below:

When neither option is enabled, the Review and sign email contains the agreement message, the sender's name and email, and a short paragraph containing up to four email addresses of additional recipients:

No options enabled

When only the sender's information is suppressed, only the agreement message and the paragraph regarding the other recipients are included in the email:

 Hide the sender name and sender email from the "Signature Requested" email enalbed

When only the recipient information is suppressed, only the agreement message and sender's name/email are displayed.

The whole paragraph regarding the other recipients is removed from the email:

Hide the other recipient's email(s) from the "Signature Requested" email enabled

When both options are enabled, only the agreement message is included in the email.

All sender and recipient email information is suppressed:

Enable both options


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