Send for signature with iOS app

Use the Adobe Acrobat Sign iOS app to send an agreement for signing.

Send a document for signing

  1. Log in to Adobe Acrobat Sign.

  2. Tap Send for Signature.

  3. Tap Add Document.

  4. Add one or more documents.

  5. Tap Done.

  6. Tap Recipients.

  7. Enter one or more email addresses or tap the browse icon to select someone from your contacts list.

  8. Slide the Complete in Order toggle off if you do not want to require signing in the same order as the listed recipient order.

  9. If you want to set the signer's role or authentication mechanism, tap the signer icon. 

  10. Specify the signer's role. A delegator (or "representative") can be specified for the signer or approver.

  11. If you need to change the default ID verification method, select Password, Phone, or KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication). 

  12. Tap Done.

  13. If you need to customize the email message, tap Message.

  14. Edit the Document Name or Message as needed.

  15. Tap Done.

  16. Tap Options to set a password, change the language, or edit form fields.

    • Tap the Set password checkbox to password protect the document. Enter the password twice. 
    • Change the language by tapping the Language drop down list and selecting a new language. 
    • Check the Preview, position signatures or add form fields field checkbox to edit the form fields. 
  17. Tap Done.

  18. Tap the Send for Signature icon.

  19. If you chose to add or edit any fields, change the document as needed when it reloads. 

  20. Tap the Send for Signature icon again.


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