Agreement sharing controls


Administrators can control whether their users can share individual agreements and whether sharing is allowed to internal parties, external parties, or both.

  • Internal users are defined as users within the same Acrobat Sign account as the sender of the agreement.
  • External users are defined as all users that are not members of the same Acrobat Sign account as the agreement sender.

When sharing is allowed, agreements display a Share action when viewing the agreement on the Manage page. If sharing is disallowed to all parties, the action is removed from the options on the Manage page.

Agreement sharing enabled and disabled

How to enable agreement sharing

Administrators can enable agreement sharing at the account and group level, with the group level settings overriding account settings.

To configure the settings, navigate to Account Settings > Security Settings > Agreement Sharing Controls

Agreement sharing includes two controls that are independently enabled or not, allowing for all, one, or none of the options to be active.

Agreement sharing controls

Audit Report and Activity list events

Sharing an individual agreement produces a record in the audit report that contains the participant the agreement was shared by and the party the agreement was shared with.


Once an agreement enters a terminal status (Complete, Canceled, or Expired), the audit report becomes immutable, and subsequent sharing events are not recorded.

Log sharing events

The agreement's Activity log tracks sharing activity regardless of status, noting who the agreement was shared with, but not who shared the document.

Activity log of a share after agreement completion