Set a default time zone to use for agreements


Administrators can set their account and group level time zone offset to adjust the user environment to reflect a time frame that matches user expectations.

Users also have the ability to set their own time zone offset in their personal profiles. User-level settings take precedence for that user, and group-level settings override account-level settings.

Changing the time zone offset adjusts the timestamps that are displayed in the Adobe Acrobat Sign system, such as the agreement Activity log. Because this content is presented dynamically, the time zone offset can be changed, and the users can see the updates immediately.

Activity list


The default time zone settings do not impact the signature timestamps in agreements, which adopt the time zone offset of the recipient applying their signature.

Audit Report uses the GMT timezone by default, but can be configured to use the account/group defined offset if desired.

Configuration options

The default time zone can be configured at the account and group levels by administrators. Group-level settings override the inherited account-level settings.

Users also have the option to configure their personal profiles to cast their personal view into the timezone of their choosing. User-level settings override the group-level settings.

  1. Navigate to Account Settings > Global Settings > Set a default time zone to use for agreements created by users in this account
  2. Set the time zone that fits your organizational needs.
  3. Save the page configuration.
Set the default time zone

Use selected time zone for audit reports

Administrators have the option to change the default GMT time zone used in Audit Reports to use the account or group configured default time zone offset instead.

  • Enabling this feature will apply to all agreements created after the setting is saved to the system.
  • Completed agreements cannot have their audit reports adjusted to the new time zone.