Configure your Company and Hostname

Company Name and URL Hostname

The Company Name value and URL Hostname are account-wide values and cannot be overridden at the group level.

Log in as an account level administrator and navigate to Account Settings > Account Setup

Company Name

The value you enter into this field is automatically populated into the Company Name field for new users when they are created in the account.

Navigate to the Company Name controls on teh Account Setup tab

Acrobat Sign permits users to edit their personal settings, and this includes the Company Name value for their individual users.

If you would like to update the Company Name value in the profile of all users in your account:

  • Check the Set company name for all users in account box
  • Click Save

All user profiles will adopt the value in the Company Name field as the Company value in their user profiles.

Set the company name for user in their profile


Checking Set company name for all users in account is a one-time replace action for all users in your account.

Once the page is saved, all of the users are updated, and the checkmark is cleared to allow the action to be triggered again if needed (as users still have the authority to change their Company Name values).


Setting the hostname for your account changes the URL your users log in to and the URL where agreements are hosted for your signers.

Navigate tot eh Hostname controls

The result is a customized URL with your hostname.

Hostname in the URL


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