Editorial Requirements

An introduction to the Adobe Stock editorial submission guidelines.

Adobe sources Editorial content through trusted partner agencies.


Currently, we are not accepting editorial submissions from individual contributors. 

Adobe’s Editorial collection includes photographs, videos, and illustrations that depict or comment upon newsworthy information or matters of public interest:

  • Newsworthy information may include, but are not limited to: breaking news, current events, matters of public significance, and political matters.
  • Matters of public interest may include, but are not limited to: arts and entertainment, business, culture, fashion, health and fitness, lifestyle, social events, technology and travel.

Adobe’s Editorial collection showcases:

  • News and reportage: un-staged imagery about an event or incident that is currently occurring or developing, or that has    already occurred.
  • Portraiture: staged imagery of people.
  • Archival imagery: photographs, illustrations, or videos of historic interest. 

Additional Requirements:


  • Editorial content must be accurate, fair and thorough. The imagery must not misrepresent the event or the context what is actually depicted.
  • Editorial contributors must avoid conflicts of interest, and must not accept gifts or favors in exchange for creating editorial      content.
  • Editorial contributors should not conceal or misrepresent their purpose when creating content. 


  • Captions, keywording, metadata and credits provided by the contributor must be truthful, complete and accurate.
  • Digital adjustments to editorial content must be limited in scope and not impact the truthfulness or accuracy of the content.
  • The editorial content must not constitute libel, slander or other defamation upon any person or entity. 

To learn about submitting content to the Adobe Stock Illustrative Editorial collection, please see here


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