This use case guide shows you how to create a unified customer profile using multiple data sources, and how to use this profile to build actionable audiences that can be used across the Adobe Experience Cloud.
  • Adobe Analytics to measure success and engagement, measure acquisition, track campaigns, and to build audiences.
  • Adobe Audience Manager to build, enhance, and syndicate audiences.
  • Audience Manager to Analytics server-side forwarding
Core Services
  • Shared audiences (People service)

Step 1: Create a Unified Customer Profile

A unified profile lets you personalize your marketing message across the many touchpoints used by your customers, and gain a holistic view of your customers engagement with your brand. A unified profile is the foundation of cross-experience marketing and identifying customers across web and mobile apps.


  • Evaluate Customer Profile options and integration points
  • Build a unified, cross-experience customer profile for audience membership and targeting

Step 2: Expand your Unified Customer Profile

After you have a unified method to identify and authenticate visitors, you can expand and enrich your customer profile using various data sources.


  • Onboard First-party CRM, call center, offline sales, and similar data
  • Onboard Second-party data from key partners
  • Onboard Third-party data from various data providers

Step 3: Discover and Build Audiences

Building audiences in the Experience Cloud is much more than putting together a few segments for granular reporting. You need actionable, data-driven audiences that are available across multiple-touchpoints.


  • Understand the audience creation methods in the Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Build data-driven audiences using marketing insights

Step 4: Identify and Share Audiences

In a multi-device world, you need marketing tools that can deliver experiences to your customers across individual and shared devices.


  • Enable a device graph to increase device identification rates
  • Configure Profile Merge rules to drive cross-device audience qualification
  • Share audiences across the Experience Cloud and other marketing tools

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