This article shows you how to configure Analytics traffic variables (props), conversion variables (eVars), and success events, and explains how each is used to collect data on your site.
You'll Learn
  • How to configure Analytics custom variables
  • How to know when to use the different types of variables
  • How to set Analytics variables in Dynamic Tag Management
  • Adobe Analytics
Use Cases
(variables explained 1:20; traffic 4:40; conversion 5:35; persistence 5:50; allocation 7:35; merchandising 10:05; success events 11:15; setting variables in DTM 11:30)


  • This video guide focuses on custom variables, but there are a number of out-of-the box variables in Analytics as well. Review the How Variables Are Used in Reporting article for more information.


  1. Use the Report Suite Manager to configure traffic variables, conversion variables, and success events for your report suite.

Do More

Use the Calculated Metric Builder to create custom metrics that use different allocation settings.

Use Analysis Workspace to view Flow reports.

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