This use case guide describes how to optimize Adobe Campaign email marketing using data from Adobe Analytics and real-time personalization from Adobe Target.
  • Adobe Campaign to manage campaigns and to deliver marketing messages.
  • Adobe Analytics to measure email success and engagement, and to send real-time data for marketing campaigns such as cart abandonment.
  • Adobe Target to personalize images at email open.
  • Adobe Campaign KPIs to Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target Dynamic Images in Adobe Campaign messages
Core Services
  • Experience Cloud Triggers
  • Customer Attributes (People service)
  • Dynamic Tag Management (Activation service)

The email marketing use case shows you how to implement an integrated email strategy with analytics, optimization, and campaign management. Learn more


Step 1: Share KPIs for Integrated Campaign Reporting

Adobe Campaign can share metrics with Adobe Analytics for integrated reporting.

(external account 0:20; web services account 0:40; integration workflows 1:50; demo 2:05; analysis workspace 2:45; calculated metrics 3:50)

Step 2: Trigger Remarketing Messages based on Site Activity

The Experience Cloud visitor ID can be used to associate an email address with an unauthenticated browser profile. After the visitor ID and email address are associated, you can use Experience Cloud Triggers to send remarketing messages based on site activity.

(create trigger 0:20; trigger types explained 0:33; triggers in campaign 2:04; transactional messages 2:49)

(site update 0:20; mcid data element 0:35; ID service tool update 1:03; site update validation 2:04; data source configuration 2:27; AMC data source 3:30; demo 4:14; triggers demo 6:00)

Step 3: Personalize Email Images in Real-Time

In addition to the comprehensive email personalization provided by Adobe Campaign, you can use Adobe Target to deliver personalized images at email open based on geolocation, day-time parting, and other Target profile data.

(redirect offers 0:20; audiences 1:00; activity 1:44; dynamic image insertion 4:25; demo 5:24)