Learn how to set up a mobile app in Adobe Mobile Services, download the SDK, and add lifecycle metrics to your mobile app.
You'll Learn
  • How to set up a mobile app in Adobe Mobile Services. 
  • How to add the Mobile Services SDK to your app to enable Analytics, Target, Audience Manager, Acquisition Tracking, and Push Messaging.
  • How to collect lifecycle metrics.
  • Mobile Services Administrator rights
  • Adobe Analytics Administrator rights
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target
Use Cases

Step 1: Set Up Your Mobile App in Mobile Services

The first step is to set up your app in Adobe Mobile Services, and then download the SDK for your app developers.



(new app 0:19; app configuration 0:50; SDK and demo app download 2:45)


  • Should I configure the app for a production or development environment?
    If you are using only one app configuration, configure it for production. You can then change settings for testing directly in the configuration file on your development system. You can also set up more app configurations for QA or development.
  • Which Mobile Services features can I use in my app?
    See this list of features for details. 



  1. Sign in to the Mobile Services user interface using a Mobile Services Administrator account.

Do More

  • Review the basics of Adobe Mobile Services.
  • To change app configuration settings, sign in to the Mobile Services user interface and click the gear icon next to your app. With most configuration changes, rebuilding your app is required in order for your app to use the new settings. If you change any settings on the Manage App Settings page, make sure that you redownload the SDKs or update your ADBMobileConfig.json file.
  • Download the App SDK and tools for developing and testing your app. See Download Mobile SDKs and Tools.

Step 2: Add the Mobile Services SDK and Collect Lifecycle Metrics

Learn how to add the Mobile Services SDK to your app and then configure your mobile app for lifecycle metrics.

(add libraries to app 0:30; Swift bridging header 1:35; lifecycle call 2:50; debug logging 3:08)



  1. Add the Adobe Mobile Services SDK to your app. See the instructions for your platform.

  2. Configure your app to include Lifecycle metrics for analytics.

Step 3: Use the Demo Apps and Inspect Analytics Data

Adobe Mobile Services provides a tool to inspect Analytics data, and demo apps for iOS and Android that demonstrate implementation of the Mobile Services SDK.


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