Learn how to view the Adobe Mobile Services dashboards, and how to generate custom app reports in Analysis Workspace.
You'll Learn
  • How to view Mobile Metrics reports.
  • How to create app acquisition links and view acquisition reports.
  • Adobe Analytics
Use Cases

Step 1: Mobile App Reporting

View out-of-the-box mobile app reports, and build a custom dashboard in Analysis Workspace with mobile metrics.

(dashboards 0:20; custom report in Analysis Workspace 1:20; calculated metric builder 1:40; visualizations 2:53)



  1. In the Mobile Services UI, view the analytics reports for your mobile app.

  2. Sign in to Adobe Analytics, and customize your reports.

    In our example, we show how to customize reports using Analysis Workspace.

Step 2: Acquisition Links

Create acquisition links to track how mobile users find and download your app.

(enable acquisition 0:34; add app store app 0:55; universal links 1:19; marketing link builder 1:48; acquisition link demo 2:40)


  1. Enable Acquisition Tracking in the Mobile Services App settings. See Mobile App Acquisition.

  2. If your app appears in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, edit your app settings in the Mobile Services user interface to add the store app.

  3. Use Acquisition > Marketing Link Builder to create one or more marketing links.

  4. Copy the tracking code and use it for the links on your website or in marketing campaigns.

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