Learn what's new in the latest release of Adobe Media Encoder

The October 2018 release of Adobe Media Encoder (version 13.0) rolls out exciting new features for video editors, online content creators, audio and video professionals. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.

Display color management

You can now work with a range of displays and sequence setting that match your target delivery formats. Color manager manages display frames as per the monitor settings. By default, Enable Display Color Management is disabled. This parameter affects thumbnails and Encode Preview Window. Exported media is unaffected by this setting.

color management in encode and thumbnails
color management in encode and thumbnails

For more information, see Set preferences

Virtual Reality 180 support

You can create VR 180 video with optimized ingest, editorial, and effects, for monoscopic and stereoscopic content that puts your audience right in the middle of the action. Adobe Media Encoder supports horizontal and vertical views of VR 180 while encoding/exporting media. 

Horizontal and vertical field of view
Horizontal and vertical field of view

For more information, see Export settings reference for Media Encoder

Enhancements in import and export formats

Import formats

  • Removal of prompt when you need to install the HEVC codec. Support for the native macOS HEVC hardware and software decoders. See System requirements for more information about support for hardware acceleration decoding. 
  • When importing unsupported QuickTime files, you now see a dialog in the lower-right corner of the screen indicating why the file is unsupported.
  • Hardware accelerated decode is now supported for all models of mac (mac OS 10.13 and later) that have supported Intel chipset. 
  • HEIF files are now supported (macOS 10.13.4 and later). For more information, refer to System requirements.
  • HEVC decoding is now available in the trial version.
  • Decode support for Sony Venice X-OCN V2 media including anamorphic sources.
  • Decode support for ARRI Alexa LF media.
  • Native decoding support for the QuickTime-wrapped HAP codec.

For more information, see File formats supported for import.


HEIF format support is dependent on the Operating System components of your machine. For more information on the minimum OS requirements, see System requirements