• To understand concepts used in optimizing search campaigns
    • Portfolio
    • Objective
    • Bid unit


Search engine structure

search engine structure

Portfolio structure

This image overlays the concept of a portfolio on the existing search engine structure.

portfolio structure


How many portfolios should be created?

There should be as many portfolios as there are objectives, fixed budgets, and currencies.

However, fewer portfolios are easier to monitor.

Can multiple search engines be grouped in a portfolio?

Yes, if the objective, currency, and budget are the same.

Can search and content be grouped in a portfolio?

They could be in one portfolio. Or they could be split. We let the budgets and conversion rates determine this one.


  • A Portfolio is an Adobe Optimization concept that’s not found on the search engine.
  • It is a group of search engine campaigns with a common objective.

Case study

Case study
Case study2


The Objective is the translation of the advertiser’s business strategy.


The various metrics in the objective can be assigned different weights.

So, if one of the metrics is more important than that other, than a higher weight can be assigned to the metric. The EF technology optimizes the different metrics in the objective, depending on the associated weights.

Weighted revenue = Important metrics * Relative importance

In the screenshot above, the Weighted Revenue= (orders *1)+(revenue*100).

Search bid unit

Bid unit

A bid unit

  • An Adobe Optimization concept that’s not found on the search engine
  • It is the basic unit on which a bid is set
  • It forecasts and models are built at the bid unit level
bid unit

Why keyword + match type?

An exact match can drive fewer, but more relevant, clicks.

A broad match can drive more clicks, but with lesser relevance.

To take into consideration the differences in conversion rates between different match types, different bids are placed on different match types of the same keyword

Why keyword + match type + campaign?

In the next section, let's go back to the case study we walked through earlier and focus on one portfolio.



New Yorkers are way more flirtatious than Californians

  • The keyword "senior dating" (exact match) appears in the New York campaigns and the California campaigns.
  • But the keyword "senior dating" (exact match) in the New York campaign gets 75% more clicks than the same keyword-match type combination in the California campaign.

Question 3:

Will the keyword be bid to the same amount in CA and NY? OR

Will the EF Technology consider its different conversions rates in NY versus CA and bid it differently?


Different keywords in different campaigns are bid differently based on conversions rates

…even if they are part of the same Portfolio.

In this way, we can leverage the fact that a certain keyword is doing better in one campaign compared to another.

The keyword in the NY campaign will have a different (in this case, higher) bid than the CA campaign.

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