Finance—Mortgage sector  

  • Reporting requirement
    Loan applied, loan approved, margins
  • Optimization requirements
    Simple: Cost/application, Cost/approved application
    Complex: Margin (factorizing fixed and variable cost)
  • Challenges
    • Reporting on offline revenue considerably challenging
    • Considerable applications happen offline (via 800 #)
    • Long approval process (may take up to a month)
    • The geo-based quotas (regional quota and its opportunity/potential)
    • Often small opportunity window (implications of fed rate decisions)
    • Loan amount and amount approved might not be direct indication of margins
    • Dampening required (loan amount varies considerably and not a factor of keyword)
    • Quarterly/yearly forecasting challenges (historical data may not be valid)


Adobe Value

  • Forecasting on delayed revenue
  • Effective forecasting for dampening cases
  • Quick and effective realization of opportunity using geo and promotion features
  • Effective geo-based optimization
  • Optimization on complicated objective function (including applications or approx/proxy revenue)
  • Reporting Requirements
    Application, Approvals, Margins
  • Optimization Requirements
    Cost/Application, Cost/Application
    Margin Based ROI
  • Challenges
    • Evaluation of Life time value of each application
    • Reporting/optimization on offline metrics
    • Adobe Value
    • Quick Strategy Adjustments with regards to changes in life time value, internal price changes, and so on
    • Effective Quarterly/Yearly SEM budget allocation on business metrics (based on target applications/accounts, and so on)

Lead generation

Lead Generation: Education, auto, travel, finance, insurance, credit consolidation

  • Reporting requirement
    Lead, lead type, revenue (revenue/clickout) per partner/product
    Margin on ad spend
  • Optimization requirement
    Cost/lead, ROI on ad spend
  • Challenges
    • Precise revenue often not available
    • Revenue/margin per clickout varies from partner to partner
    • Often require quota based inventory management per partner
    • Due to quota-based inventory revenue/click significantly varies when inventory not available
    • Leads sold multiple times
    • De-duplication of leads at partner end. Invalid leads require cancelation.
    • Offline leads
    • Extremely competitive market (competes with institutions/partners who have high margin)

Adobe Value

  • Inventory Management if products aligned with search engine accounts.
  • Quick adjustment in budget allocation with significant variation in inventory.  


Services sector: Insurance, car rental

  • Reporting requirement
    Conversions, revenues (for each event in sale funnel)
  • Optimization requirement
    Cost/Conversion, ROI on ad spend
  • Challenges
    • SEM internal campaigns competes with Affiliates who also bids on brand terms
    • For insurance multiple event sale funnel (application, quote, conversion, and so on)
    • May require de-duplication of revenue when transaction moves from one to next level in funnel
    • Reporting and optimization on offline revenue (chat and 800#)

Adobe Value

  • Multiple metric optimization (that includes each event in sale funnel)
  • Optimization/visibility against actually realized revenue/margins

Search engines

  • Reporting requirement
    Product level clickouts, revenues
  • Optimization requirement
    Click Based optimization
    Cost/clickout per category
    Margin/ROI on ad spend
  • Challenges
    • Precise revenue/outgoing clicks often not available
    • Clients often interested in retention an addition to clickouts
    • Extremely competitive market
    • Opportunity for multiple click outs per incoming click
    • Reporting/optimization against adsense revenue
    • Difficult to assess life time value
    • Visibility/optimization on user level metrics (in addition to kw level)

Adobe Value

  • Effective optimization to exploit multiple clickout/click opportunity
  • Optimization strategy based on traffic/revenue objective

E-commerce retailers  

  • Reporting requirements
    Cart revenue, margin/ROI on ad spend
  • Optimization requirements
    Cart revenue, profit/margin/ROI on ad spend
  • Challenges
    • Offline revenue (via #800 or store purchase from search leads)
    • Significant variation in revenue/conversions
    • Inherent seasonality
    • Seasonal/yearly promotions/sale events
    • Delayed revenue for big ticket items
    • Product-level inventory management. Management of product life cycle (new models, and so on)
    • Margin information not available right away
    • Click assist visibility
    • Keyword expansion/pruning, landing Uumanagement and account structure
    • Promotion on new product line (with no history)

Adobe Value

  • Effective strategy for promotion/seasonality
  • Facilitate quick strategy adjustment to achieve new target ROI

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